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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Wait! Orange food and not an orange shawl? Wha?

Heh, sounds like my kids!

I eat a cantaloupe every day and even worse, my mother cuts it up for me.

Cracking up at Terry's comment. We were gyped out of a true Monday due to the holiday, so here it is on Tuesday for ya! Hope things improve for you. I love cantaloupe too.

Cantaloupe is very good for you, in addition to being delicious.

Where is the shawl, and where are the idiots to whom you refer??


Monday holidays are great - until Tuesday comes. No wonder you've got the Monday blahs today!

Yum, cantaloupe.

I want a do over for the whole last week. It was wasted on me and it's not fair.

mmm the mind wonders of what you speak. My mind. It wonders.

cantalope looks num.
I'm eating orange as well: spanish rice, ala my dad. E is eating orange cheese, carrots, and bread with apricot jam. weird.
ps I'm on the 4th repeat.

You and me both, I'm such a grump today but the melon looks yummy!

I'm in grumpville with Hattie and it took no idiots at all. Just one precocious three year old who really feels like my spinning wheel shouldn't be in his train room (or if it is, it should be knocked on its side with pieces removed), the orifice hook shouldn't be findable, and the TV remote should have its innards as outtards. I tried to take his trains away and make him earn them back, but the kid stashes trains like I stash yarn and he finds them in every room.

I've been a raving biotch today. Even the kiddo is running for cover.

I had carrots yesterday, and I used my orange towel at the beach. Orange it is!

mmmmm cantaloupe! Why didn't they have any when I went to the store today? Oh, right. This is TX and not CA. /sigh But I got some good strawberries!

Want company?

i'm just going to hide until the orange goes away. mmkay? :)

Well I hope you're not sick! That cantaloupe color is lovely, maybe you can find some more yarn in that color and make me somthing. Ok, I know you just threw something at me. Good thing I ducked.

Hope you're week doesn't continue to suck (that's so Hallmark isn't it?).

A cantaloupe is no substitute for a good rant; yours save me so often. We're just hours away from Wednesday, which is practically Friday, right?


Hm. The last time I almost overdosed on canteloupe I was expecting Abigail. You're not preggers, are you? Hee.

No, Sweetie. But, it is closer.

Yummy cantaloupe.... almost as yummy (but nowhere near as gorgeous!!) as Norma's shawl. Tripled yarn is bad enuf, but in lace work? You are a goddess.

You can keep your cantaloupe, but it is a lovely photo. ;o)

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