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Friday, May 22, 2009


I am afraid of all the orange! Sign of the apocalypse?
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

All you have to do now is eat (an) orange too and you'll have all the bases covered! :)

Loving that orange! The spinning looks like orange creamsicle...

Birds of paradise --so pretty!

I think I did smoke you. Even with the time change.
Love the orange anyway I see it. I'm even eating orange chocolate as I type this.

It's all beautiful, including you sweetie.

Have a good weekend.

That fluff is fan-freaking-tastic, truly. I love it. Norma had best be fawning all over your bad lacy self for knitting all that stuff for her. ;-)

that spinning looks like apricot to me....

"follow me, don't follow me / i got my spine, i got my orange crush"

i hope you have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day like i'm most likely going to. :-P

Nice oranges! :D Especially that spinney stuff. I think orange is a happy color, um, closely followed by pink. yeah. :D

Well I did hear it said once that orange is the new pink :|

Love the orange! Now you just need to dye your hair orange (ish). I use #108...

That bird of paradise totally trumps my lady slipper!

You don't suck! The peachy singles well make up for it. Heee. You are so hooked. Love it.

Looking forward to the Orange thang to be blocked, dried and all purty. :-)

Mmmm, makes me think of Dreamsicles.

Definately dreamsicles!! Must be something about orange lately ;)

No offense, but I hate orange. It is most definitely my least favorite color. All of your pictures were beautiful, btw. :P

I am not always much of a fan of the color orange, but I love what you are doing with it. Sometimes, I am just a little bit afraid of orange while I admire it.

I did not have that song in my head before Opal started with it, but now it is stuck.

I hope your weekend is magic!


Yes, I will be the first to say, as in Dave's tone, "This totally doesn't suck." TOTALLY.



OMG, it is gorgeous, and I AM fawning all over your ass over this. I might jump on a plane and come out there just to give you a hug for it. I totally hope I have an occasion to wear this -- I will have to MAKE the occasion!!!! This is an act of love for so many reasons. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my dear!

Funny, I wore orange yesterday, too. Maybe it's a moon phase?

It's all lovely!


I AM happy now, thanks. All that orange is very cheerful.

Wait, is this Cookie's or Claudia's house? What have you done with the woman who does pink all the time?

It won't last, right? You'll return to your pink loving self soon, right?

K, now I think you are obsessed with the orange.

Do you need emergency shipments of anything but orange? I wouldn't want it to scare you emotionally or anything ;-)

love the orange!! can't wait to see it blocked. thanks for sharing the orange phase.

Woman, you knit FAST! Holy crap.
Love the orange. I ran out of the orange roving I'm spinning, and went and bought more. And also got some in the same color as your fluff. Where will it all end?

Loverly. I love the peachy muted orange of the roving. Hmmmm... you really are becoming quite the spinner aren't you?

Yay for orange!

I'm lovin' it!

The orange roving is amazing...what a beautiful color!

Pretty, pretty orange.

Pretty stuff! Look at you all spinning and stuff... ;o)

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