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Saturday, May 23, 2009


i can see why you couldn't resist. those two are gorgeous bits of fluff!

is it just me or is the one on the right more red then orange?

cute squirrel!

Clever backdrop!
Clever Squirrel!

That background is TEASING ME!!!! :D

ROFL - I didn't notice the backdrop until I read Joan's comment. You're the most evil person I know. Don't ever change.
I think I have roving somewhat similar to that red/orange stuff that I dyed my very own self. I might should dig it out...

I don't think you mean to be an enabler...do you? (running off to subscribe to Kris's blog so I don't miss the last Monday sale)

Nice Russian backdrop-hehe. Pretty fluff you got there. :-) Some fluff may have followed me home today.

Who knew squirrels like catalpa trees? Great for hiding I'm sure, though clearly not from you o.0

The evil tempting and the teasing are almost too much, or perhaps they are perfect.


? You've gone over the edge, my friend.

I might not be far behind - I have "the book" out from the library - the one Margene recommended.


It worries me that she's putting more goodies on sale tomorrow. Every Monday.

That's a pretty green!! I got a similar semi-solid, only it's pink ;-)

Is that really all the roving you have? You seriously need to buy more next Monday then.

Gorgeous roving - I can see why you had to get them. And how nice of you to mention that there is another sale tomorrow - I'll have to check it out! :-)

Sorry your squirrel wasn't in a talking mood...

I can't see the roving for the orange lace in the back ground.

Erm. What's that pretty thing behind the roving? :D And I see more orange in there. Would you like some orange silk hankies so you can spin silk? *muwahahahahaha*



Ha ha, I put my credit cards in ice in the freezer so you can't tempt me! Of course, I do know the number by heart :D

Pretty orange, will you be unveiling it soon?

Great squirrel photo! That is not easy to do!
So. You are a spinner now, eh? Who knew??

Ack, I went to go look at the roving and was so distracted I forgot to come back!

That squirrel must get up close and personal sometimes, eh? Lovely roving and so is the orange. I'm sure Norma will do her best to display it, so I have no worries about a full view photo. ;D

Oh, oh, oh! Green! And Orange! Oh!
If there had been purple as well, it would have been perfect...
Slavering to see more of that orange backdrop. Norma will be putty in your hands.

I'm so glad I don't spin, because that sale would be way too much temptation. Enjoy!

Um, do you often have furry animals calling you names?

You might want to see someone about that...

Oh, pretty!

I have to say, your squirrel is much fatter than the squirrels we have around here...

See? Toldja you could find more. ;op

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