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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It is quite exquisite. Do you tire of creating beautiful objects?

That's too pretty for words. I wonder if I could make one?

It's time to get seriously started on that shawl that's been floating around my head...

Says to Karen, "YEAH!"
Lovely, as expected. What color is it, really?
How's that hemlock ring blanket?

You? Smokin' someone in a KAL? NAH! So, what color is it?

Charts totally freak me out. I look at them and my brain freezes and I go HUNH? I get along better with words.

That's really beautiful. And I agree that this is a good first lace pattern. Also, Susan's Forest Canopy Shawl, is another good starter lace shawl.

You smoked another friend in a KAL? With friends like you....

I still haven't knitted that one, but I definitely want to.

*love* that shawl. now i'm itching to make one, but i already have a shawl on the needles. only i haven't touched it in days.

i also *love* charts. but then you knew that. :)

I did not know you smoke. Tsk. :D
Another beauty by Cookie!
And? Manise is GREAT people. I have spent some lovely times with her!

It's beautiful, of course! I love, love, love that pattern.

And just so you don't get too snarky, my Hemlock Ring is blocking right now.

Good thing I took the day off work to bind off...


OK, that's just DISGUSTING! If I were Manise, I might hire a hit man. But not 'til you get the red in the mail. hahahahahaaha.

How the HELL do you get so much done? It's absolutely gorgeous.

I LOVE the Shetland Triangle, and yours is lovely. There is some undyed wool in my stash that I bought in Wyoming a couple years ago that I plan to dye and knit into a ST -- someday.

ok, come May, what about helping me? I really sux tho, and yesh, you will/would smoke me like a big bong...of happy water.

anyway, it's gorgeous, no matter the shade.

Love it! I really need to knit one of those...

oh you're right. It is a good beginner chart. I got to the point with it where I was knitting it on the bus almost from memory, well, only checking it periodically. I will be doing it again shortly. how many have you made now?

It is so beautiful! I adore this color, but am curious about which it really is.

Solar dyeing days approach. So do stray cats. I will have to figure out some things.

You are so right about this pattern. I really believe the people I was doing a Shetland Triangle kal with who did not finish just did not really want to knit it. Shhhh...don't tell anyone I said that.

You certainly smoked me my dear! I'm light years behind you. You'll be klickity-clicking away with those needles churning out a few more before I'm done. Remember I'm the s.n.a.i.l..........

Your ST is beautiful as is the color! You solar dyed it? Cool. Thank you so much for your (not weird) wise words of lace wisdom and chart reading. I see more of this in my future.

Beautiful! I think I need to make another one of these. I want a worsted weight one!

Remind me never to join a KAL with you...
Stunning as always.



I love this pattern. It's the only lace pattern I have been able to memorize, but that's not saying much as I'm feeble brained! Pretty, pretty!

It is lovely. Yarn dyeing with Kool Aid is one of my favourite pastimes except that the kids have now drunk it all lol so I am now using food colourings. Don't know how they can drink it and I dread to think what colour their insides are!

Solar dyeing won't be happening around here anytime soon. We have overcast skies and most of the country has had a storm battering down on them so I'll be sticking to using the stove top.

Pretty pretty Miss Cookie. And my favorite color too.

I'll make one some day. I'm staggering on the Adamas Shawl for a neighbor right now.


Do you even need a chart for the ST anymore? How many have you done?

Charts for lace are the best. I'm working the labyrinth shawl from Evelyn Clark. The written instructions are 16 pages long, the charts are 9, but only because there are no repeats. It's actually an easy knit, but nobody believes me.

It really is lovely and certainly doesn't look like a beginner's lace shawl, even if it is. Solar dye-ing sounds cool. Any photos?

Dang, girl! It looks amazing! You inspire me... except I'm afraid of the lace. It requires concentration and I'm flakey.

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