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Friday, April 03, 2009


Undulating ribs. For whatever reason, I love that pattern. And you know, it's all about me ;-)

Looks pink to me. Maybe that was the reason it was sent, because I don't think anyone I know could send that name to you without irony.
(Bring it. You laughed at my entrelac socks, I laugh at your "sweet innocence".)
Um, monkeys with your CCSR heels and toes?

Leyburns - they're fast for us regular knitters, so you could be done with both in a couple of hours. ;P

Don't ask me. All I seem to knit is plain socks.

Slip up socks? Those are going very quickly for me and the pattern works with a variegated yarn.

It was sent with no snarkiness at all *snort* Really! The sweet innocence reminded me of you. Remember... I'm squishy. :D Not evil.

/runs and hopes you don't remember that I sent that before I was squishy.


PS, I love my socks for veronik... how about that pattern? Eh, it might be too varigated. How about Charade?

OOOH! WAIT! Have you done a Monkey yet? You can do it toe up and with no purls if you want.

Don't ask me. I'm still knitting my February socks. I suck. :-P

Oh, honey, I'm still working on my January/February socks. I love Duet yarn, but plain ribbing looks wonky with it. Other than that, I'm clueless (but you knew that). Happy Friday back at ya!

I'd like to watch you do monkeys, but I seem to recall you had some reservations about those.

So I've got nothing.

How about the Leyburn pattern Cookie?


Liking the colors.

Smoking hot sox?

Thoughtful and armed people are so helpful and it's wrong to suffer alone.

I love the colors. Pretty.

I think those socks are going to be gorgeous no matter what pattern gets picked. Hmmmm.... solid heels/toes and lacey legs? Besides, who wants to be skinny?! I want to be a happy handful. :D

It's snowing here, yet again. We still need to wear socks everyday. You'll have the socks done this weekend...no doubt.

That is very pretty yarn - I vote for Leyburn too. I haven't done the pattern, but love all the socks I see in it.

Ooo pretty. Crap. I haven't finished either the February or the March socks yet. I'm just going to skip April ;)

*sigh* I'm so far behind on blogs that you're probably done with these by now... ;op

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