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Thursday, April 09, 2009


My goodness it's lovely. Makes me want the associated blankie that much more.
There's some question as to which is more planet-friendly. Some bamboo plantations aren't run in good ways, for one, and there is more processing involved to turn smallish trees into thread than to turn puffy balls of fiber into thread. I have yet to see the definitive Green-Lantern-style answer on the subject.

Gosh for pretty. My mom used to crochet doilies. I still have a few of them. I'd never thought of knitting a doily before! I guess I don't think outside the box.

Oooh, it's lovely. What is its intended use? Will a vase or bowl sit upon it? Or, will it just sit by itself looking gorgeous????? And, for me? I'm done with circular lace. I will be done with circular lace when I finish the damnedable PurplePi.

Verra pretty and just fits your table. The lace stitch makes it look 3-dimensional, like it has curves and waves. Another Cookie-triumph.

Fabulous! I have yarn to make the blanket version, but socks are distracting me and it's warm out! Which cast on did you use?

Take that, Nora!

Lovely! I have a round table just next to my bed - I think I need to make it one of these.
Poor Nora, I know how it feels to get smoked by you.

It's wonderful! I'll be glad when mine is done. I'm thisclose to finishing.

Oooh pretty! After all the blankets, it's nice to see where the inspiration all came from.

It is lovely.

Threat sounds good. What's wrong with a little threat here and there? Awww... zen and it's my favorite shade. I'll have to call and see if any of the places around here carry it.


I can haz doily too!

yay you made one too! Aren't they just so cool.

That's so pretty! Nice work, you!

That is really lovely!

Once upon a time I was afraid of charts. But then I used one. Now, if a pattern doesn't have a chart I doodle one out because it helps me read my lace better so I know when I've made a mistake, or helps me prevent making a mistake. I guess charts make lace knitting more intuitive for me. YMMV! But do not fear the chart. Trust the chart.

that thread is pretty threatening. har har har.

seriously, your hemlock is gorgeous and i'm now itching to try one of my own. :)

also, i'm with anne.. i won't knit lace if it doesn't have a chart!

That is on lovely antimacassar. Nice work, Cookie!

Very lovely knitting! Now you need a Hemlock blanket. That will keep you busy!

You are freakin' AMAZING! Whoops, there's that dizziness again. (vertigo today, big-time)

I disagree with your thread, bwahahaha! Actually, I love your thread and what you turned it into. It's beautiful!

Your hemlock ring doily is beautiful, Cookie. Excellent full view photo, too!

I threaten your thread! ha.

you smokey woman. rar. wow, as usual.

Wow! That's gorgeous Cookie! And wonderful photos too! Nora? I'm so going to be "smoked" next.

Really beautiful!


Makes me wonder what lace you feel you are not yet ready to knit.


The doily is beautiful! Made me go directly to the website and get the pattern. Didn't see any errata tho.
I have crochet hundreds of doilies srsly, but never knitted one. Can't wait to get started. I also got the Iris tablecloth (filet crochet) love it, too.
Keep inspiring us.

Absolutely beautiful!

It's so pretty!

Wow, wow, wow!! Just stunning.

So, so pretty! I made the blanket, but may like the smaller version better.

OK, so I was making brisket and polishing silver and (later) drinking four cups of wine - so once again no knitting yesterday! I hope to finish mine this weekend, but the honors definitely go to you, Ms. Cookie! It's beautiful!


OMG, that is sooo beautiful! I've already shown everyone at work. Most of them don't care but it's so gorgeous, I just had to share it.

So pretty! I have yet to do one of these (big or small), I'm bucking the trend!

Of course you did. Pretty! Hugeify is totally a word.

If you are now hooked on knitted doilies here is my favorite collection of doily patterns that I can actually see myself knitting one of these days. They aren't any more difficult than the Hemlock Ring!

have fun looking


I always type "yearn" instead of "yarn". Clearly, a Freudian slip.

Ooooh! So very beautiful. Wow, you're a fast (talented, wonderful) knitter.

wow ... I don't knowhat else to say except Wow!

That is beautiful lace -- nice job!

oooh pretty!!

p.s. I knit three inches of leg on that effing sock last night and had to rip it out because it was all crooked and sh*tty. I'm starting to hate it.

Cookie, that is heirloom beautiful! I am constantly awed by your knitting. Srsly.

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