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Saturday, April 04, 2009


But we like to be impressed with you.

And, lovely socks they are. She loves them and needed them. What's not to be impressed with?

Yeah, well, I'll be impressed if I want to, and I do. Those are gorgeous sweet socks, those and the ginger were quite timely.

I love the sewn bind off! Having a stretchy bind off is so perfect for so many things! I used it on some fingerless mitts.

I did that bind off recently and lurved it.
Fantastic socks, but we knew that already.
Where's Norma's thang?

It's not that they were a complicated knit, it's that you made them for her. They're lovely and if you pull that kind of thing one more time (which I know you will) I might start spreading the rumor you're nice...

Thanks for the link! I'm going to have to try that. :)

Socks are gorgeous btw.

It's that bad over there today? Maybe you need a pepsi?


Good looking socks. I second the sewn bind off, great for all manner of edgings.

And thank you, I did have a happy Saturday; hope you did too.

What Carrie asked.


Joan's socks are great and they look like a perfect fit. Thank you for the new bind-off/cast-off technique link.

Lovely socks, and they look so springy!

Very pretty socks - I'm not sure I could have given them away!

You are such a good friend! That color is It (I know Joan picked it, I'm just sayin').

It's Sunday now - whatchya got for us today???


I love the sewn bind off!

those socks are too cute! and ginger chews? i could over dose on ginger chews and die a happy opal.

look how stacey got her evil on! :-o

Oh, Cookie, how I've missed your witty human-hating banter of yummy goodness. :]
But I am back.
And Modesto shall once again make your page quake in fear.
Moohoohwa. And all that jazz.

I lurve the sewn bind-off - in fact, I used it last night when I finished the first leyburn...yah I said it. I couldn't put it down after I figured out what I screwed up. ;o)

p.s. Pretty socks! ;o)

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