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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


LMFAO @ domme voice. LOVE. EET. I can't even tell you how many times a day I wish I was a fly on the wall in your life.
I bet you are doing it right. It looks fantastic.

Ooh, your Hemlock Ring Doily looks really good so far. I enjoyed that pattern very much when I knit it, although the feather and fan section (not to mention the bind-off) seemed like they took ages to complete.

That is absolutely lovely!

Very nice. I have to admit that I don't love the blanket version of this pattern, but the doily has me reconsidering.
It's windy here too.
You didn't Magic Loop before? I thought that you had more experience.

Sigh. I wish I had a TJ's here. I'd use any kind of voice.

Pretty lace! Now, what's this about a TJ boy?

Pretty! (You are out meeting boys??)

It's still snowing here. Pretty lace.

Very pretty Cookie. You do such lovely work.

Oh that's beautiful Cookie. It looks very soft.

That is so pretty!

Happy Wednesday - Hemlock is beautiful!

The Hemlock is really pretty!

You amaze me! This with a headache and wind...

Oops! That didn't sound right-I don't mean wind (internal)...you know that, right?

Oh, that's so pretty! I've had the yarn to make that stashed for a while now, but the directions have scared me off a bit. Your beautiful Hemlock is inspiring me now!

The lace is so pretty! (Is it bad that I had to google "domme" to find out what that was? I am feeling naive now.)

Did he listen and respect the voice? If yes... he could be a candidate. Even more so if he was in the cheese aisle. :D

Bright sides. Sorry the wind brought your headache back. Just please, don't send it back here. I haz enough ouchies today. *muwahahhahahahahah*

Whoa! That is some serious piece of knitting! My brain is hurting- hey I rectagonize the stacked decreases. Same ones as in the Shetland triangle. Domme voice- hehe.

Your Hemlock Doily is very lovely and impressive. Good luck with the wind, and TJs. :D

Do you live in Beaverton? Cause so do I? just wondering...

damn that wind!

so pretty!

if you know of a good place to meet boys that requires minimal effort, do let me know. :P

The doily is quite nice! I know nothing of magic loop, so whatever you are doing it's working. BTW, I didn't know Trader Joe's carried boys! Gah! I've been missing out.

Looking great! How many more rows did you crank out after that? I'm somewhere in the 50s - once I hit those "knit four rounds" patches, it started to feel like progress!


Wow, that's beautiful! I just Googled the pattern and it's gorgeous! Will you do something with it or are you climbing the pattern because it's there... um, or something? Sometimes I'll make something just because I want to make it knowing full well I'll never use it.

I had to google "Domme" as well. I don't get out much... 8)

Hemlock is very pretty!

How does one get the Domme voice to come out and play? Just wondering *whistles innocently*

I love the doily in progress. I wondered how you would feel about this yarn.

I love hemlock, yours is so pretty

oooo pretty

Very pretty. I am going to have a look at this one.

I use magic loop as my preferred method for socks. It took some time to get the hang of but now I don't use any other method. Hang in there and it will come eventually.

Hey, I made one of thise! Knitpicks had a speed knitting contest back in February and that was the project. You can check it out in my blog, if'n you'd like. (but don't feel obligated)

Enjoy the knit! It looks great so far.


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