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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Nine inch! Nine inch!

Hooray for new socks! I blew out the heel on a pair of mine yesterday. Waaah.

I don't think you have my mojo or maybe it's just half my Mojo. There is only, I mean only a sock on the needles over here, but there isn't any push to finish it. Maybe that's because it isn't pink! Love the color of yours.

Those are CUTE socks! The red wrap is going to Utah, and I'm going to have to pack the kitten heels, methinks. The waxing is taking place Thursday, so we're all set there. TMI? LOL

Very cute socks - I love that yarn! Did you like magic loop?

Cute!! And perfect. You've probably got my sock mojo, too. That's OK - maybe when it comes back, it will behave!


Nifty socks, Cookie. I like the pinky-coral color. Welcome back to your sock mojo.

I had no idea your sock mojo was lost. You knit a lot of socks for a woman with lost mojo.
And we know you like 'em long.
Great socks!

He's been passed around A LOT by that Utah bunch. They're a wild lot those girls. :D

Just checking in with someone so you don't think I broked Texas and am now hiding bodies and on the run. Although I'd probably head to your place first if I did.

Those are super cute! I like that yarn in the garter rib.

I can't figure out how you didn't burst into flames in this heat by wearing those socks! You are a star girl.

I love your blog so much, and there are just some differences with others'. Hope there will be more wonderful things in your blog. Happy every day!

Cute socks! Love the contrasting toes, heels and cuffs. Red is impossible to photograph btw. But you know that already.

what a tantalizing glimpse of shawl. now i'll have to haunt norma's blog for those modeled shots.

the socks look great! but really? sweet innocence? /coughs

so glad you found some mojo. even if it's not yours. thief. :P

If it's not Margene's sock mojo that you have, maybe it's mine. I'm admiring everyone's completed socks, but can't get excited enough to knit some of my own (FINISH some of my own would be more accurate). Maybe I need new yarn...

Pretty socks and the wrap is lovely too Cookie.

That Norma is such a tease.

Cute socks!


The socks are great! I'm just looking for mojo that I can apply to anything. Wanna share?

YAY for finishing April's socks. I'm still sorta working on the last umpteen months worth ;)

Awesome socks! I finished mine, too ;o)

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