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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Woo, more pepsi for me! Yahoo!
So, if you overnight Norma's wrap she could post about it on Saturday? Cuz I hate waiting.
If it doesn't work to quit cold turkey, try drinking a big ol' glass of cold water first, then slowly increase the amount of water you drink before each can-o-death. For me, after a short while, the pepsi starts to taste funny and all I want is the water.

Wow, you've covered a lot of ground in this post. I love that you knit for Norma. I expect she'll have the new shawl on, say, Monday?
I don't drink soda. Beer - yes. Martinis - yes. Tequila - yes. But not soda.

Good for you on kicking the can!
I'm with Carole. If I'm going to drink something, I might as well make it count. Oh, OK... I drink tea, too.

I'm sure Norma's wrap will be stunning. Of course.

I've had no soda for well over a year, as carbonation is allegedly bad for my plumbing. I expected to be very unhappy drinking nothing but water, milk and peppermint tea, and I do whinge about it now and then, but strangely that part of it wasn't as bad as giving up tomatoes. And coffee. Now and then I just stand by a coffeepot and inhale.

I love that red. Does it really have that slightly pinkish tinge to it? I often have trouble taking pix of red things -- people say, "oh, what a lovely fuchsia," when it's actually a bright, not-at-all-fuchsia red.

I knew there was a reason I liked that Carole and that Cheryl.

I am, at this moment, drinking diet root beer, and it is so good... Of course, I drink all that other stuff, too. And coffee. (Mmmm, coffee.)

Anyway. An hour a week??? I think I could maybe keep up with you at that pace, if I can stay awake at night instead of falling asleep during Office reruns. I still think I'll start on Sunday, but I may wind the yarn sooner just so I'm ready to go.


Yep, I'm with Carole and Cheryl. That soda will kill ya. Can't wait for Monday to see Norma modeling the wrap. ;-)

I think there's a pool going in your comments about when Norma will model her sexy wrap. I'm guessing Sunday. As long as you're overnighting it!


If I owned stock in Pepsi/Coke, I'd be worried right now with all the knitters going cola-less.

On the Norma wrap: I'm guessing Tuesday on her blog. Only because you'll finish it Saturday, block and wrap it Sunday, overnight it Monday and ta-da on her blog on Tuesday.

Did I see mention of a spinning wheel in that post? *falls over*


Norma found some lovely red! I'll look forward to seeing it before Memorial Day. :D

Perhaps you could try some club soda or sparkling water to get the same mouth feel without the other (soda) stuff.

That was a really lovely blog post, and the yarn sure was pretty, but it all became unimportant when I read "renting a wheel." What is good for the goose, is good for the gander I say!

PS - the red yarn is marvelous. (See, I did pay attention!)

Yes, you can always overdye your Shetland Triangle. And feel free to slack away as my progress today was rather pitiful. Woohoo on kicking the can!

Mmm, I love red.

In a funny combination of circumstances, I have cast on for a new Shetland Triangle shawl -- in red.
It's in my lap as I type. (I'll probably modify; I'm thinking about doing an insertion of a repeat of another lace pattern near the edging this time, for fun. Hope it doesn't look like garbage....)


Giving up Pepsi?

Am I reading the right blog? So much is happening! I'm so confused!
(and p.s. I bought yarn for Hemlock Ring a month ago, but it certainly wasn't bamboo crochet thread. That's so cool!)

Spinning wheel? YAY! YAY! YAY!

ok. i'll settle down now.

WoW! That is a lot for one post. I'm cheering for you, Cookie!

I saw Manise's shawl today. It's really pretty.

WHERE have those mints been all my life? Especially during the last 18 months of my life?!?

Oooh, goody! I shall have to work on making my shoulders and arms beautiful enough to grace that upcoming ruby-red (NOT hot pink!) wrap. :D

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