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Monday, March 30, 2009


Hope it ends soon! That can mean only one thing- major headway on Norma's wrap!

We've got cold, damp, gray, and a steady drizzle of rain here. Better than snow!

Yeah, okay. You've got me beat today. Mwah!

Don't get blown away by the wind...............................

No faking your death. I am not knitting pink!

Ironic that Stacey said that, cuz I'm pretty sure she's gearing up for a huge death-faking one of these days soon.
I hate wind. Every culture says wind messes with your head. It makes you crazy, and I didn't have far to go in the first place.

Hmm. Wind? Or snow? I'll get back to you on that...

Hope you can stay inside!!


That's what I feel like doing...hiding and maybe even crying. I posted today but no one knows! I messed up my feeds...it's my own fault. BUT, good news, AMAZING news in fact. Typepad HELPED ME!! The feeds may be back on track...we'll see.

Blizzard predicted in these parts. Hope your wind is warmer. And goes away soon.

"Hi, this is the wind. I'll be gone soon. Sorry to make your head hurt; just doing my job.

Thank you and have a good day."



it's windy here today too, but i doubt it's as bad as it is there. :-o

take care of your head, it's a very precious commodity!

Right there with you! We hates the North wind.

Ack! Rotten wind. Feel better soon, Cookie!

Hope the wind stops and you feel better soon!

Sorry about the wind. I hope it stops soon.

stupid allergies!!! (((HUGS)))

Hey! Your wind almost knocked me over today! No fair. Keep your wind to yourself. *grin*

Do you need me to kick the wind in the shins for you? I'll do it, and I'll even wear my pointy toed shoes.

I hope the suckage is over now.

I feel you honey. 40 mph gusts here for the last 2 days.I am thinking of running away if it doesn't stop soon.I do have a nasal spray that stops exploding head or mine would have months ago.Hope you feel better soon! hugs!


Wind will stop very soon and hope you will be ok then.........

Windy! It's so windy my head is spinning.
Like a whirlpool it never ends.
Or something....(did I just date myself by that song?)

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