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Sunday, March 08, 2009


Very funny. Did Typepad fight you when you tried to log in today?
Ruth is truly fabulous and so is that yarn.

And the hag conversation continues! Hehe. I was very impressed too with your spelling. Fab Trekking color from yet another enabler :-)

Excuse me, but one skein of that Trekking won't get you far. You need to go back and get another one. (I'm good for you!)

I like "personification of hag". Although the other one is good too. Ok, Miss. "I'm not going to get more stash"... what'd ya get? And you asked me about naps? PFFFT. Maybe you should take your own advice. :D Or maybe I should listen to my elders.


The Trekking looks fabulous with the PinkPants, pilling or no. btw, I don't see any pilling in the photo. Perhaps you are lying to us in order to have all the Patons Classic Merino for yourself? Naughty girl...

Great yarn - love the colorway!

Purdy yarn. You are not the personification of a hag. You are an alpha. Or, is that a hag? I'll have to check and get back to you;--)I hope you got in your nap.

Oh nice colorway.

Sad that the Patons pills so much, that's a pretty color too.

Verra nice. I thought we already talked about that Larry Hagman guy and decided he had to go?

I've got a Paton's sweater "resting" on the needles right now... Gauge is pretty tight, though, so it might not be too bad. I did make my Dashing mitts out of Patons and they haven't pilled.

I have a nap today. I highly suggest you have one too.


Time change Sunday is always a killer. Love your new sock yarn. I have some too.

I love that candy colorway too, though I have zero need for more socks personally. Yeah, I sort of knew Patons Classic pills like a mofo, and haven't ever used it for anything except felting. Sadly, I think that Cascade 220 pills quite a bit, too. I've started to think anything soft does. Or stretches beyond all recognition. Or whatever. We pay the price for softness, is where it's at.

Like with the Brazilians, ya know? Heeeeeeeeeee.

cool yarn. i'm glad you were able to score it. i'm also glad that hawaii doesn't do the time change thing. but now you're 3 hours away instead of 2. wah!

Title choice d): none of the above.

Awesome yarn.

I do like that colorway. I hope you enjoy it. I understand about additions to the stash when you had other intentions. Pilling...grrrrr.

Even if Mr. PinkPants needs a shave regularly, it is still darn nice looking. I love that others stash. I'm so not alone. :D

Time change Monday is worse.

You knit fast enough to justify a stash! Mr PinkPants looks very swanky...

Ooh, that is pretty yarn. It looks like neapolitan ice cream! One skein does not a yarn deluge make, so stop stressing. Plus, in case you didn't know this, you knit like a damn machine girl! You'll use it.

I love that colorway. I made a pair of socks from it a couple of years ago. The color had been discontinued, and I bought it on EBay for a song (it was listed as blue trekking but with the right number! Recently The Loopy Ewe got it in and I ordered two more skeins because my mother and sister keep asking for socks like mine...we all love Neapolitan ice cream and that is what it reminds us of! Glad you scored some of it.

*considering The Norma's comment... o.0*

Great sock yarn stash, sweetie. I think stuff you've loved for years is okay to make it's way into the stash so long as we don't love too much. *L*

I'm missing that hour of sleep also. *dies*

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