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Monday, March 09, 2009


Oy vay! That is terrible. Patons Wool pills. However, the chocolate looks wonderful! This is going to be a lonnnng week, dearheart.

Sweet gift! What's the knit thing under the mail/chocolate? Beautiful color.

I rather think Cookie of Carnage is a bit more aprapo, but given the yardage you've knit up that works very well too. ;)

Otter Chocolate!!! :D

Do you have a sweater stone? I've never seen one, but I've heard they're darn useful things to have.


I would like some love pills right now.
What kind of attention happens when people link you on Ravelry?

Ha! Waxing a sweater! What a visual that conjurs up- that's a photo rich post unto itself. I have a friend who knit her Central Park Hoodie out of the same stuff. Pilled from the get-go. It's really too bad.

Sweater waxing - that image produces a goopy mess in my head, which is already in a sorry state due to DST.
I am intrigued by the beautiful pink lace under the chocolate. . .

I take a straight razor to my pills.
Love the Otter Chocolate!

I was hoping for drugs. That's the sort of Monday it's been at Chez Golightly!

But love pills are blue!

Oh, wait....


Ah, pilly goodness. Or badness, as the case may be. I got myself a sweater stone that works pretty well at de-pilling things. Not a lot of fun to do, but better than pulling off the pils one by one. A hand-knit garment deserves to look good.

I wonder what they'd charge to wax a sweater.........

You knit a shawl in TWO DAYS? I can't even look, the jealousy is blinding me.

so you can get me a sweater shaver but not one for yourself? o.O

hey. no judgment here. ;)

I don't mind pills. They appeal to my OCD nature - I can sit and pick them off while I'm on the phone at work.

I do love those little cables so.


Mmm. chocolate.

Even the best of wool pills....sadly. I got a bar of 80% and I'm the only one who likes it...too bad;-)

Friggin' pills. Tomorrow's post of mine has a couple of hidden lines just for you. Hee.

Cripes. Rereading that it sounds like we do lines and pills together. Great! I'm leaving it! :DDDDDDDDD

I wanted her to call you Yookie of Carnage.

My Central Park Hoodie is pilly, too. Breaks my heart. Note to self: don't knit worsted at a loose gauge! Would you really re-knit your sweater? I'm thinking about it, but can't bear the thought, yet...it would probably be the Viking cable version instead, though.

This calls for more chocolate...

That's too bad about the sweater - but I did think your title referred to something else...

What about that cowl thingy you made? /runs

I have a sweater stone and it works pretty good; not sure if it is faster than hand de-pilling (?). That chocolate looks perfect for a Monday. Do the love pills, or any pills, come inside?

Nora's comment made me smile. Something for everyone.

How about a love pillow? :D

Can you incorporate "otters" into the next post?

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I love the wittiness of your titles. Mine are just lame lol

The chocolate is nice and all... okay, I'm jealous - that's good chococlate!... but what is it laying on? That lace is lovely.

You are doing a public service by posting that pilling. That yarn is just not a good sweater choice.

Nice pills. Mmm chocolate! And yes, so far it is one of those weeks.

If knitting ever goes horribly wrong for you, it will be Cookie's Yarnage Carnage. Still, I hope that never happens.

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