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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Wow, I think yours is prettier than the one in the book! I finished my spinning and my hooking and I'm about ready to pick her up again. I should make good progress this weekend, since Bug and his daddy will be out of town most of the time.

Now that is just gorgeous. Of course, it would be better in pink... just kidding! Beautiful work, as always!

Wow - flat out gorgeous!

So lovely! The color is fabulous with that tree.
I'll pick mine back up the minute I finish my afghan quota for the day.

Wow - that is stunning!

Oh, Cookie. You deserve that absolutely gorgeous wrap. I'm so happy you knit it for you!

It's beautiful, Cookie! Delicate and perfect!


Absolutely beautiful. The nupps add some visual interest without being too "out there". Great work.

Oh wow, that's beautiful. Is the tree going to give it back?

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! How nice it's for YOU!

So pretty! You deserve it!!

I've had one on the needles since...uhm...*cough*2005*cough*

That is gorgeous! I'm so glad you knit something beautiful for yourself.

the tree worked out really well. it shows that gorgeous shawl off to perfection.

and yes, you have have grafted a few socks over the year. :-P

That is a gorgeous piece of lacy wonderfulness. Even though it is pink ::ducks and runs::

It's a beautiful wrap and looks so soft and warm!

Beautiful again! Just popped in to say that... now going to break something. :D


Uh...you have my address right?! OK, just kidding (not so much).

That is freaking gorgeous. How in the heck did you block it? On the lawn.


It's beautiful!!

I love your lace! I know you don't claim to have a life, but I WISH I had the had the ability to get as much done as you do in such a short time! You are inspiring! :0)

Totally gorgeous! And for you - yippee!
I'm really liking how that Handpaintedyarn holds up. Even after having it scrunched up around my neck all day, it just shakes right out and looks perfect. Must get more of it.

Gobsmackingly beautiful! So glad it's for you! Great photo shoot btw.

Very very pretty Cookie.

Nice pics too.

8 feet? That'll keep you toasty and then some!

It's gorgeous! Especially your petite little nupps. :-)

That is extremely beautiful. Will you actually use it?

Drop dead gorgeous!! I've been trying to resist buying that book, but now, well, I may have to reconsider.

Oh! Me likey!! I'm with Beebs - if I see one more shawl/stole/whatevah from that book, it's going to have to be mine!

So very beautiful and it looks heavenly SOFT, too!

Cookie Cookie Cookie - you amaze me. What's that? Six weeks? And what a result. It's stunning. I'm not sure I get the system you describe for the border etc though!

What gorgeous lace, Cookie! I hope you enjoy it.

I agree with you about the good instructions in that book.

I'm afraid to clickety to embiggen 8' lace!

That was fast! And so very lovely, too.
That book is on my wish-list. I think it just bumped out whatever used to be first in line...

I've always loved that shawl. Even at 72". 100.. wow! Gorgeous.


It looks absolutely stunning, Sweetie. :D

Great Color, Great Definition, Great Nupps!!

I haven't knit a stitch since I got home. So need to get back to it.


It's absolutely beautiful!

*sigh* So pretty.

It is beautiful, Cookie! Now is the time to want to be a tree if it gets to wear a nuppalicious wrap. :D

Ooh, pretty, pretty Madli. I am loving the combo of yarn & pattern too. (Or did I say that already, back when?)

Onward Estonia!

OMG, so, so pretty!

It is absolutely gorgeous - wow!


In a word...awesome.....i think u should make some more.....

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