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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


No listies for me;-)

Get off the computer and start picking up the house. My mother AND mother-in-law are coming to visit this weekend.

I managed to cross a couple of things off mine after making it public. Of course, those things were immediately replaced with other things...

Do you put pickles in your egg salad?


My list is quite mundane: 1. Practice 2. Go to class 3. Go to rehearsal 4. Study 5. Pack up and move

(I heard a rumor that you were perturbed by my silent lurking on your blog.) :P

Umm.. lemme think... Does making it to Wednesday count?

Great list. I had egg salad for lunch on Saturday. Mmmm.

My list is an exact copy of yours. How'd that happen?

1. Clean kitchen
2. Shirk all other duties and spin the rest of the day

Done and done.

I didn't know having a spammer made you real! You've made it! It's like when that spontaneous publicity (the phonebook) comes each June!

GASP! Fig's spirit is still taking socks???? :)
Mmmm. Egg salad!

You have a spammer? How do you know?
I've pretty much covered my list for the day: 1) Get up. 2) Cough a lot. 3) Think about showering sometime this week. 4) Go back to bed.

My list is pretty much:
1. Don't cast on any more projects! The house will explode!
2. Finish something. Anything!

It's the same every day... I've managed to cross off #1 each day (though I've taken to carrying the Maplewing pattern around clutched in my hand. Want. So. Bad.) Haven't made it to crossing off #2, yet, though.
At least it's easy to update the list every day... 8)

1. Take mini van to get oil changed and tires rotated; check why slider chooses to not close all the way automatically and has to be forced closed- done
2. Make 4 squares for Luke- done three thus far while waiting for #1 to be done.
3. Vacuum first floor- done.
4. Bake chocolate chip cookies. Put some walnuts on mine-yum. Just done.
5. Knit one repeat on my Shetland triangle- later after #2 is complete.
6. Catch up on blogs and check lambcam to see if twin baby angora kids have been born yet- in progress.
7. Help boy child with homework.

I have serious trust issues with hairdressers, too. I had a great guy for 8 years when I lived in San Francisco. I'd sit down in his chair and say, "so, what are we doing today?" to HIM. I've been in CT for 5 years now, and just found someone last month who I think will be sticking with for a bit. I think I've only had 8 haircuts since moving! But if this one works out for another haircut or 2, I'll do something daring and drastic for my 40th in September...

Yes, yes, I do believe it is Tuesday. Wow... you have a bunch to do. I ended up spending most of the day trying to get rid of a headache and doing an "assignment" :D

Happy gettin' thangs done Tuesday!


i so need a haircut too. only i had a dyeing Incident. so now i'm even more afraid of going to the hairdresser. they get all judgy over shit like that.

1. Get up
2. Go to work.
3. Come home.
4. Go to grocery.
5. Wind yarn while watching NCIS.
1-3 are done thankfully. And I have an hour and a half to get through #4 so I don't miss #5. I think that's about long enough for milk and bread :-)

Congrats on the spammer. You must be famous now ;-)

Get through the day.

I thought that was when you were supposed to mow your lawn? Like the smoke alarm signals that dinner is ready.

Are you going to use the ice cube trays for their usual use or something more interesting?

Happy Tuesday.

I so love egg salad.

The only thing left on my list is to stay awake for another half an hour and then I can go to bed and when I wake up it won't be Tuesday anymore. Thanks be to FSM. Did you get your list done?

I feel productive just reading your list. It was either that, or feel like a slug.


What? Nothing tax related on your list? I'm jealous. ;op

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