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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


You haven't emailed me about the latest rav drama. Just sayin.

I like Mrs. Vance, too;-) I love your pressies (I typed our, does that mean you'll share?). Happy Wednesday!

The latest rav drama from yesterday, or is there a new one today?
I totally think of you (and Opal) when I see Hello Kitty. Moreso if I could find an Evil Hello Kitty.
A book about aging? Is she trying to tell you something? Is she getting extra brave now that she's living in Podunk Nowhere, TX? Or am I reading into things and now you're going to kill me?

I can't believe that useless pile of skin (Coach) is even still ON Survivor. Why is he not gone yet? He's the kind of guy you go on a date with, and he calls the waitress Honey or Sweetie and you give him the "no touching below the shoulders hug" and run into the house and slam the door after!

The roving is really pretty.

I have a carpeted Hallway which is no traffic 26 days out of the month. You're welcome to use it, but you will want to wear a sweater up here.

Can't wait to see the lace!

Cute goodies! The roving sorta looks like sherbet colors ;)

Maybe Typepad's next helpful round of tips could be about post titles!

I could look at your unblocked lace every day, my dear!!

Does Typepad think people who blog have nothing to say and we need help? WT...
Lovely squishy roving! Spin it!

that mug is perfect! i adore it. so is the roving. i can't wait to see you spin it up. a wheel would make the process go quicker you know. just sayin'. ;-)

what is that HK thing?

That roving is gorgeous! Even better when dyed by a friend! (Squishy?) (Love that too!) You do good things all the time and good is coming back to you. Seems fair!

It looks like Squishy sent you a perfect set of presents!

Mrs Vance is fabulous. I love her.

Is Typepad under the impression that we're blogging for their interest? MYOB, Typepad.


I think Squishy needs to dye more.

I love your friends-that must have been a fun package to open! BTW, I stand in complete awe of your lace knitting fastness. I am a baby (no, make that an embryo) lace knitter, and everytime I see something you've completed, I feel inadequate! On a different note, any lizard citings? ;0)

Mmmm...pretties. If you are not going to blog the lace daily, I suppose that means the lace will not begin twittering its growth hourly, eh?

All very fabulous and color-coordinated gifties! Enjoy!!


Do you know how hard it was to find a soap that fit your personality? I mean I live in podunk Texas. I actually found the prickly pear in the Phoenix airport. I thought maybe hello kitty might help with the mornings. :D How can you not giggle looking at an alarm clock like that. (Of course I think not having one at all is even better) Plus, when you're knitting in your sleep, the nightlight might help.

Let opal know I got it at Target. :D Happy whatever day it is!

The clock radio cracks me up. What does the alarm sound like?

Hello Kitty is the shizzle! I love the radio clock.

Typepad's blogging advice could be way more fun if we all blogged about what ended up in our junk mail folders.

i wondered how mr vance was ever lucky enough to end up with mrs vance. he must have some qualities that are totally lost on me.

I'm with Carole - I always miss the good drama! Dang it!

I guess I'll worry about that in earnest once it's done and I can get a better idea of just how big we're talking.

I don't know. Every time I see those "ideas" I just want to barf. "Been there, done that about 1,000 times" or "SOOOOO UNORIGINAL" is what comes to mind when I read those lists. BORING, too. I swear. Not to say that everything (or anything) I write is original or UNboring, but these people don't have any ideas worth a crap. There are "idea people" and there are doers. They need to work on being one of them. Not sure they're doing either. :P

Squishy really does need to dye more. Love the mug and the HK clock radio. So, what was crocheted? Something for your nupps? Happy Pressie Day!

I just so happen to have a long carpeted hallway! :D
Lol. I just moved out and so our apartment is all empty with lots of carpeting space.
It's sad, though, because I haven't been knitting at all.
All this great blocking space and nothing to block there. :(

I *hate* Coach too - arrogant sonofa...whenever he is on camera I want to hurt him. Seriously.

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