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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Oooooooooo Susan, she is blooming! I've never had much success wintering them and getting them to bloom again. Did you do that? How'd you get her to put out!?

Ooo, she's pretty! I can't wait to see her hermaphroditic-love child bloom too. :-)

How lovely! I'm glad you found your hurricane - it's made me happy to look at your pretty bloom today.

oooo very pretty!

OMG for gorgeous! How's Suzie doing?

She's a beaut!

A perfect solution!

yay for gorgeousity!

yes. that's a word.


Only Carrie would come up with that comment...


You win the award for best use of lamp parts seen today. Hooray for Cookie and Susan!

Lovely! And a clever way to "stake" it.

She is lovely. Ferd is a quadruple bloom sitting on top of the fruit bowl (no hurricane thingy). BTW, does that Hurricane thingy serve drinks????

Gorgeous! But, what happened to Susie?

So pretty!

Whew. Where's the baby?

The saxony socks are tres cool. I like the seed stitch.

Okay, who started the man bashing thing? And why are you continuing to have a life when I can't even get online for days??? Hmmm?

Yay! A plant vase! Susan wears it well despite having to pull it over her head like a reluctant child accepting a turtleneck. Where's her wee babe?

Yay! She's beautiful.

*wolf whistle* She's got a nice figure on 'er. ;)

What a good idea. I love amaryllis but they're so hard to brace.

You are brilliant!

Gorgeous Susan and an excellent way to support her.

What a Great.I.Dea! I can't wait to steal it from you. Thanks!

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