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Friday, February 27, 2009


Pretty!!! I personally hate nupps. I don't do em :)

I hate to admit, I haven't finished my Feb socks either. While I loved it initially, I've lost that loving feeling with the first sock too. My general rule is if I'm struggling through the first one, pitch it cause I'll never make it through the second. I might have to pull out the next bag in the club.

Oh, Cookie, she is exquisite. The pink hue is just like a real pearl. My Mom has a strand that looks like that. A very "pearly" white with a pink hue. Makes perfect sense. Can't wait to see your new projects.

It's just gorgeous, Cookie! Wow!

Enjoy, enjoy - it's wonderful!


How else do you make a nupp?
Love that wrap. Going to make that wrap. Need that wrap. (In the blue colorway - don't think I'm begging you to send me yours!)
Oh, like you won't finish your socks by Sunday. o.0
Monogamy can be so overrated, really.

i see the suggestion of pink! it's gorgeous. the nupps are lovely too. everything about this wrap is beautiful!

Thanks for the picture! And no hard block, what a wonderful, happy day, huh?

Really it's gorgeous! Beautiful job

I have studied that photograph from all angles, and I don't see no nupps. Are you sure you put them in there? ::ducks and runs away::

The stole is gorgeous!

Pretty! But yes, it does kind of look like quilted paper towels in the picture. I am SURE it is even prettier in real life.

If those are paper towels they are the most gorgeous paper towels, EVAH!

Your Pearls stole is lovely, Cookie, and I certainly see the pink cast. How could it not be? I know no nupps yet and I wonder if I should. :D

Hurrah for March!

Gorgeous and *spendy* paper towels, right? Beautiful. I've never knit a nupp. Do I hafta?

Finish the socks tomorrow; it's still February!

It is absolutely gorgeous, Cookie!

Wow, that's gorgeous. So here you have another Joan who is an admirer!

She is beautiful! Another job well done. Just start the new pair. You can never have too many socks on the needles. Or something like that.

Blech! March sucks. :D

Very nice. I think I see a hint of pink in the photo, it could just be the power of suggestion, or the pink background.

Your nupps are lovely BTW.

It's amazing how different your stole looks than (from?) the pattern on the Lisa Souza website. I realize that her site shows the capelet version but it doesn't even look like the same pattern. I like your nupps better, the originals remind me too much of bobbles.

Lovely job and it looks verra soft.


Elegant and beautiful. You could have put it around your neck for the picture.


Oh just start another pair - what does it matter? You'll be done in three days anyway. ;op~

I'm about to turn the heel on my pair, maybe I'll be done by Wednesday, though that depends on whether I feel like working this week. ;o)

Gorgeous! I'm still a nupp virgin. But I have plans.

very pretty! I think it is a wonderful shot-great detail.

looks like buttercream.
Hey, light or dark chocolate?

Beautiful job! Mine will be finished in a few days.
I think that we're going to have to start a nupps-a-long for all of the nupp-less. (Boy did that word look strange before I put the dash in it)

Cookie, I've not left a comment before, but I've followed your blog for sometime now, forgive me. I'm in awe over this project! I hear Angels sing everytime I see these amazing pictures of your shawl. I just added this pattern and yarn to my fav list on Rav, and hope to do this in the near future. I LOVE what you did instead of the nupps,(what is a "nupp" anyways), and will probably call on you for your guidance, if you don't mind. All your work is inspiring. :)

That is just gorgeous - wow! You did an amazing job - it looks so pretty...love the color and the pattern.

I have to admit not knowing the the hell a nupp even is. Maybe it is because I have told myself that I will knit no lace until the youngest is in Kindergarten. I mean real lace with that scary lace-weight yarn. I think a 2 year old helping might make me drop my basket.

Ohhhhh, that is just SCRUMPTIOUS!

That's one fantabulous stole Cookie! Zillion nupps and all. Wow!

I've never seen paper towels that gorgeous! That will look SMASHING on you! I am so glad to see that something will make it on your body~ xoxo

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