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Thursday, February 05, 2009


Wow! You must be sick. At least you didn't get roped into hosting a KAL. :D I thought about doing that sock thing, but you know how I am about playing along. Besides, I think I need to catalog my yarn for insurance anyway. As soon as I find it.

Another beautiful swallowtail. And I think you just like saying Fannie's Fingering. /runs

Happy Thursday! xoxo

Why aren't q-tips compostable? It's just cotton and (tightly rolled) paper, right?
Fantastic swallowtail. I think the white is my favorite incarnation ever.
That's a llama. I don't know why I know, I just know.
And that yarn is fantastic. Because it's ROSE, not pink.
Um, don't finish your cereal until March and then it won't count?
The diaper pail is how I rationalize the plastic bags. Hey, I think I heard somewhere that TJ's (maybe?) made plastic garbage bags that biodegrade (quickly) in the sun. (and another parenthetical, for fun) Anyway, you could knit reusable bags out of your plastic bags, iffin you wanna.

I am over this week, too. I think there's a time limit on my ability to be chipper and it wanes as the week passes. Besides, I think I used it all up on Monday.
Anyway, that yarn is gorgeous! The swallowtail you did for Jessica is fabulous!
Hope you have a great weekend!

I'm with Carrie on the q-tips--they go in my green bin as approved by my local recycle authorities.

Love the Fannie's Fingering (Weight)Yarn. I ordered the Zinnia colorway the same day you posted about it. It so reminds me of my granny's garden from 30 years ago that I'm having difficulty convincing myself that it really wants to be knit at all.

You could cut the cereal and cracker bags into strips and use as packing material maybe?

Thoughts on how crazy you are? I thought we were supposed to keep that to speculating behind your back. ;)

Cute alpaca/llama/woolbearing beast! Purty yarn.

I used to make my own granola -- want the recipe? That would kill the cereal bag issue.

Have you considered oatmeal instead of cold cereal? It comes in recyclable cardboard.
I would think the regular paper and cotton q-tips would recycle with paper.

I love that pink yarn. As far as the personal sock club goes, I don't have 12 or even 10 full skeins of sock yarn. I do have a large Zip-Loc bag (the giant size) of odds and ends for an afghan that languishes. Besides I can't knit a fine sock in a month. However, I do knit worsted or dk wt socks so I might have to do that. It's all your fault. I wonder if the sock and a half on the needles now counts?!

as always.
...and it's good to justify cat poop somehow. xo

Its almost Friday here. End of week!

This week is kicking my ass. That Swallowtail is gorgeous. I hope the new yarn helps. The sock club looks like it could be fun for you. I'm being serious. For me, it is completely overwhelming. I will feel a sense of accomplishment if I finish the current pair this week.

I keep justifying the fact that I forget to take my reusable bags into the grocery store (despite the fact that they're in the car) by rationalizing that I need those plastic bags anyway. For the cat poop.

wooo!! You gave in because you WUV me! ;op~ *ducks and runs*

you've succumbed to the personal sock club thingy? aiyee. you're pushing me over the edge! but the only bags i have are ziplocks. kinda ruins the whole purpose. guess i need to go buy me some lunch bags. :P

Gorgeous yarn. And gorgeous-er Swallowtail. I do have to knit one - you have renewed my zeal.

The only thing that occurred to me when you mentioned the q tips was to throw them in the fireplace. I'm sure that's wrong, on many levels. Composting is a much better idea.


I keep thinking about the sock club thing but the main reason I stopped joining sock clubs was because I didn't want to knit fancy sock patterns. So it would seem that this wouldn't work for me - even with my own yarn and patterns. But I'm still thinking about it. I may be persuaded. Possibly.

You can always dumped the bags out and put the yarn away. There is no way I can knit a pair of socks in a month. Well, maybe if I did it in my sleep;--) As for the Swallowtail? I almost died when I saw it. It is incredible, Cookie! What a pretty thang and she is thrilled with it. You could see it in the pix. She sent you some pretty darned cool yarn, too.

Jessalu has been working on me to join in the sock thing too. I'm planning on it, I just need to sit down with the stash and pick out a bunch of them.

That is a lovely swallowtail that you knit for Jessica.

The personal sock club deal-io is quite the idea. I am intrigued. Alas the sock mojo is feeling about the same as this week. Dead. Maybe this summer...

You may just have to stop the "I'm a grumpy wench" thing if the word keeps getting out like this. ;)

And I do believe that's an alpaca you've got there. Nose is too short for a llama. But I could be wrong.


Gale is local to the gorgeous yarn?! Jealous.

Beautiful shawl, Cookie. I'm looking forward to seeing the dye results.

Lots of good cereals are available in the bulk foods sections of stores -- granola, of course, but even if you don't like granola, there are some "normalish" things like Cheerios, etc.

No clubs for me. Except the Crazy Club. XO

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