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Sunday, February 01, 2009


oh i'm in love with those blue socks. absolutely in love. gayle is a lucky girl!

how odd that such different pinks came out of o the same skein of yarn. but you're right, the dyepot is a mysterious thing.

have a somewhat happy sunday, cookie! (i'm so not rootin' for the steelers. :P)

Your socks are movie stars! It's about time.

That video is awesome! (As are the socks.)

Gale's thank you made me smile yesterday AND today. Your socks are doing some cool stuff! I've got her book; it is great.

I have a feeling I missed a key news story or bit of gossip. But what's new. :D

Happy Sunday, Cookie.

Is there a football game today? Love Gale's Thank You card. It rocks!! You rock, too.

I'm hoping they win because my PT is a BIG fan and if they lose, it'll be a bad day. A bad, bad day. :D Cooooookie monster!!! That Gale is one smart chickie. Happy Sunday and here's to hoping you don't have to fake your death. I mean really. Could you imagine Carrie knitting pink? xoox

Cute!! I especially like the watermelon ones - so cheery!


When I was a kid I hated Sundays. Too much ruckusing at home and all with the parents and the drinking. Now, though, Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Except, perhaps, for Fridays.

Love ya, Cookie, but we're rooting for AZ. Can't have the Steelers having more rings than the Cowboys. Besides, gotta love the Kurt Warner story. The food's all ready to go. We're just waiting for kick off.

Hmmph. I didn't even know Arizona had a professional football team.

I saw the socks on her blog - gorgeous! And go Steelers!

There's a football game today?

Pretty socks.

Hey, the football announcer used the word "alacrity." I can't get over it and I'm telling all my friends. LOL

Lovin the watermelon socks.all pinky and stripy.love love love!Love the video too!ow I can't get that song outta my head.

Those are fancy dancing socks. I am glad your team won, but thought that if they hadn't you could spend your death with me. No one would ever think to look here, and going to Alabama when you fake your death is a nice punchline to the joke.

ROFL - no freaking way, in response to Stacey's comment. (I do wear my ST prolly 4-5 times a week, and among those who know I knit, they ask if I made it, then tell me I have great friends.)
If you fake your death, I'm totally outing you. After Stacey and Angie do the charity knitalong and Joan posts a moving and tearjerking tribue on her blog.

What gorgeous socks and they have their very own video. That is amazing. And, they're pretty too! Congrats to the Steelers, but my Kurt did well.

I loved Gale's video. Cracked me up all day!

Thankfully, you do not have to fake your own death for even a minute. I am a die-hard Steelers fan. And I spent all last week actually in Phoenix! I had the MOST fun harrassing everyone I saw in red/Cardinals shirts.

The watermelon socks are gorgeous. I loved the slideshow too.

Very pretty socks!! :o)

I'm so very glad the Steelers won!

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