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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Is athat a dogwood? Damn, it's pretty. You gave us hope, cranky/wise one!

You destroy me in your ability to give me something to hope for. My bank has a pile of dirty snow in front of it.

Off to thwack until I see a flower.

Thank you for your permission to thwack someone/thing, oh Thwack Overlord! I shall now go and find a victim and tell them that you are the ebil thwacking enabler and it's entirely your fault.


A pox on you. We still have a buttload of snow.

(just kidding about the pox)

I think beverly and Megan S. must be my new BFsF.
What is that tree? It's making me sneeze all the way from here, but I want one.

woohoo! permission to thwack!

Bradford Pear?

if only i could thwack the days of the week for making me so confused.... :P

A flowering crabapple tree or Bradford pear? Based on the tree shape I am thinking the former. You lucky duck! I still have 10-12 inches of snow pack in my yard- and that doesn't include the several feet of piled snow from snow blowing. Arg! No, I don't hate you.

We still need more winter in Utah!

Your spring is much further along than mine is! :O


Hey! You keep those allergens to yourself! (stupid leaves!) I'll just admire the picture from states away instead :)

Whhhooooaaaa. Way too soon for spring! We need snow here pronto or I'll be planting rocks.

Let the thwacking commence.

OMG, you *do* live in California. Thanks for the bit of hope. I'll try to remember it as I drive home tomorrow in an ice storm. Well, the goal is to get home before the ice storm but that depends on life being cooperative.

Wow, you are way ahead of us in season! My crocuses and tulips are just pushing through the ground. No trees in bud yet...

That looks like the trees where my parents live. The craziest thing? Not only were the trees in bloom, but there was snow on the mountain! Only in Californa ^_^

OMG. It will be at least three months until I see such a thing in person.


What a beautiful tree. Makes me think that Spring is possible after all.

That is absolutely beautiful. What's with this rain stuff I hear is happening in CA? Is it just legend like Hogzilla and Bigfoot?

So foreign looking. Terra firma with neither snow lumps nor grey puddles of melted snow lumps. And blooming things outside. I'm having a little trouble processing it all. Enjoy it for those of us who slog through a different climate! I always think its weird that it's the same country, and the weather is so different.

ooooo spring! I don't think it will ever arrive :( this is the winter without end!

OH! Thank you, I needed that burst of spring! Enjoy every petal of it~! We are, as we speak, having 15 inches of snow and blowing wind! Joy!

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