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Friday, February 06, 2009


Hey, your week did not include banana covers. It couldn't have been that bad. I blame myself for delaying our project start, next week will be better.

Hey, I am only partly crazy and you said my stalkerish personality was endearing.
That Bammer Knits rant was a good one. Me likey. (Me probably do-ey sometimes too, I think we all do a little.)
ROFL @ the letter thing. Okay, gimme one please? (And not X, thanks)

PS - when is it NOT freak week at your house?

Not to worry. You're not alone. I hates people too, but my fiber buds would never know that. There's a reason i sit in a cubicle and write code.

of course you can blame mark harmon. he's ted bundy irl. :-P

you've never sent me socks or lace and i still think you're a sweetheart. so there.

udon noodles rock.

I found the newspaper, the full moon is on the 9th. Can you make it through?

I think you're a nice person and you've never sent me anything so there. Busted.

You did the letter U proud. Uncommonly proud.

I hope it's Freak Week and not say, Freak Month. Bammer's rant was right on, although we probably all do that to some extent. In some cases, it's a misplaced way to empathy.

To empathy? whatever. Uvula? lol. Makes me want to ululate.

All things can be traced back to Mark Harmon.

you could blame mark harmon because ncis is only on once a week. and this week was a repeat.

What no-blog Rachel said. You are so busted!

Poppycock! (I kind of just really like to holler out poppycock) Isn't it interesting that the same crap happens everywhere? I so agree, if something great happens to my friend, I am happy for them! If something is sucky, I'm sad for them. It's not hard to understand. And dude, we don't ALL do that. I make it a point not to and my best friend is the epitome of selflessness and would never. She's my example!

I'm just spoiled by awesome friends. Spoiled brat! And frankly, I blame Mark Harmon for my attitude and impossibly high standards when it comes to friends.

If keeping up the cranky facade is what it takes to keep the crazies away, I say "pull up a chair and have a whole bowl fulla bitch." I have plenty.

Yeah, um, no knitted goods sent my way and I still like you. ;)

Excellent "U." I'm not that easily bought. :D Cranky friends remind us clueless ones to stay on our toes and pay attention. *hugs*

Please tell me I am not the crazy stalker chick! I don't comment often, but I love to read your succinct way of hating people....

Hehe. I think I love Bammer. Especially her comment. I am totally a crazy stalker chick, but I don't think I'm the one you're referring to this time. Do I need to come bitch slap someone? I kind of like that I don't have that problem. I'm moody again today - someone might die. I think the full moon is Monday... think you can make it?

Bammer rocks, and she is right on. I have a male friend who pulls some of that crap, too.


I'm sorry this week was bad. It wasn't great for us either, as you know, but it turns out that everything is okay now. Which just means something else is about to go wrong.

I see nothing wrong with bribing people to be your friends with knitting - they'll love you forevah because they see the loving, giving, (and in the eternal words of Opal) effervescent side of you!

It's in there- we know it is!

I've never gotten anything from you so I think I can sully your reputation as a mean person without constraint. So there.

I couldn't get past number 1! You have a big red unberella?!

When do I get my knitted presents? :-)

Not to make you more cranky, but I nominated you for an award on my blog....

Didn't anyone tell you that crazy stalker chicks are drawn to the crazy mean people-hating type? Come on now, Cookie. ;)

I hope the passing of the full moon helps your freak week to end. That is indeed an impressive "u" list.

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