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Monday, February 16, 2009


I wasn't sure if you meant a hurricane candle lamp or a hurricane drink glass but then again I grew up near New Orleans so it's generally the drink that comes to mind first. ;)

I knew what you meant - either that or use a chopstick. Chopsticks make everything better.


I probably would have unwound a coat hanger. I probably would not be a winning contestant on those reality decorating shows. :D

Susan is lovely!

I'm knitting, too! Isn't it great to have a day JUST for knitting? ;-)

Those "hurricane glass thingies" are so versatile. My mom usually used chopsticks, but they don't always work if the stalk is intent on breaking or flopping over. Happy Knitting!

I would never have thought of using a hurricane glass thingy, but what a marvelous idea! My amaryllis, tragically nameless, is standing straight and tall, but the daffodils are leaning all over the place.

What a neat idea, but you'd better get it on before she starts to open!

There was an NCIS marathon today??? Wish I could program the dvr thingy from work.

Love the gardening tip (you are brilliant!)

Aren't you the President of the Mark Harmon Fan Club? That makes it your day too.

After burning today,(we're going to set a building on fire next week)I watched a bit of Mark. The 3 I got to see were all ones I hadn't seen. Happy P-day

i did not know of the hurricane glass thingie. does that make me menfolk? o.O

stacey has become an arsonist? :-o

Oh, crap. Now dead presidents decide where we go when we die? Damn. I stayed home (felt under the weather, but got better) and watched a bit of Mark, too;--)

I hope the hurricane glass helps Susan.

It was mostly knitting and laundry for me today.

I'll point out that you should also have the drink-type of hurricane glass to enjoy a beverage of your choice. ;)

Here in Wisconsin, which was founded by cranky, humorless types, we don't get President's Day off. I think we've had this conversation before, probably about Columbus Day or some other holiday that normal citizens honor.


Sorry to say that yesterday was a holiday only for government and banks. The rest of us had to work. I would have dearly loved to sleep in.

I like opal's comment. "Become"... Heh. Still chuckling over that one.
I know what a hurricane glass thingy is. I actually have a spare. If I thought I could get it to you in one piece I'd send it.
Does it count for President's Day if I went and toured the Midway (and bought Bug a little airplane)? I feel all civic minded and stuff.

That is masterful how you make something out of nothing. I'm inspired.

Susan is positively orchidesque.

So whom do you blame? I haven't a clue, and I want to know.

What a gorgeous picture - I hope your found your thingy!

That is a beautiful shade of pink!

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