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Saturday, February 28, 2009



Thanks, Cookie.

Very nice nupps - but how did the pattern say to do them? Just curious...

Why, thank you, ma'm. I have lusted to see your nupps for lo these many months.

Er, no. But thanks for showing them anyway...

Very respectable nupps for a woman your age!

I "perk" my nupps by pulling them out with the end of a needle.
A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

You have the most loveliest nupps I've ever seen! (when I typed that, I typed nubbs)

*snort* I am so not touching Joan's comment with a 10 foot knitting needle.

Let it out honey, let it out.


Google is gonna LOVE this post.


Well I couldn't see the nupps before either. I think they're quite lovely. I am a bit sad to miss the rant though. It would be therapeutic. . .

Copyrighting hotlinked assholes? Wow.
I can't believe someone said something Stacey wouldn't touch. I think that's a record.
Truly, I'm actually surprised someone had to ASK you to flash your nupps. (And I find it ironic that we've really only ever seen your sock-clad feet and your bare nupps, too. Sheesh.)

I bet guys stare at your nupps and you have to clear your throat and say "Okay, my eyes are up here."

Are we going to get the rant on copyright violation, hotlinking, assholes and Ravelry soon? Will the examples be unrelated or related? Should I take notes? (I probably should, shouldn't I? Since there's always a pop quiz at the end of these things.)

I love your subtle little nupps. I think they are petite and perfect for this piece. Yes, nupps are nice, but rants can be fun, too.

I can see 'em. Have I missed some new Rav drama?


I hope you saved that rant. I love your rants.


But, that's the apeal of nupps...they aren't all perky and sticky outy. They are subtle and shallow. You have very nice nupps.

I'd love the rant. I rant a lot. It's why I have few friends though, I don't write them pretty enough and nuppish. /swoon

I still want to hear the rant.

The Paper Towel is beautiful though. ;-)

Isn't that just like Kat? She wants to see your nupps, but she won't show off her new wiggly friends....

Let's hear the rant. I don't spend enough time on Rav to be clued in, so you'd be doing a public service.

Perky nupps! Full, collagened nupps! That's what we need! :D

I don't think I'll be able to look at nupps the same way again! *snort* In terms of paper towels- you mean a quick picker-upper?? Hehe.

Note to self: remember to swallow coffee before opening Cookie's blog...

Nice nups!

You do nupps like no other. I'm serious!
And well, I can't help but love it when there is a Cookie rant. I know. I'm like that~

Nupp fluffing? Could be a whole new industry... ;op

hubba hubba

Dang, and here I could have done with a good rant. What do we get instead? Plenty o' nuppin'.

It's lovely.

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