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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


You are correct - nothing natural about the Geranium. Still nice and purdy though!

Are you sure that if you don't keep knitting the item won't majically correct itself using some never-before-seen-in-the- entire-history-of-the-art origami?

You never know!

The hat and wing cozy look wonderful. That Squishy is one lucky chick. Do I know her?

It looks like it might be 2x2 rib. I know how you loves you some of that. :D

Ummm... when did SWS become luxury yarn? Just wondering. xoxo

The hats and arm thingy are great! I love those colors, too!
Looking forward to what tomorrow brings, you know as long as it's not faking your own death. ;) I chose to not read that drama, but did get the reader's digest version. Some people!

I dunno, I've seen gerania in most of the colors in that hat.
Do you know where the plug for my kitchen sink is? I've looked everywhere I can think of (including the refrigerator, medicine cabinet, trash, and diaper station) and it's nowhere. Given all the places I've looked, it's just as likely to be at your house as anywhere else.
I'm thinking that when Herself says it's good enough, for your own sanity, you should believe her.

lovely knits!

anyone using a baby voice over the age of 18 is asking for bodily harm to be done unto them, imnsho.

You may have a life honey, but it's Tuesday and I bet I know who you are hanging with tonight. ;-)

Love the hats.

Mmmm, I love SWS. Soft and pretty. I have seen geraniums in every one of those shades of pink. Geraniums come in some rather unnatural colors, ya know.

Cute hat. I think we're in trouble as I hear Mark is in reruns tonight.

I just hope you're not wearing your good fittin' hat. It's not giving you a headache, is it?

Selective perfectionist?

Yikes! Using a baby voice within striking distance of someone holding knitting needles? Ill advised.

Pretty knits. I'm going to have to check out the SWS.

I plan to do everything one is allowed to do in one's 40s but not in one's 50s in the 20 days remaining to me. Pouting and using a baby voice are not high on my list. Your hats are lovely.

I have some flowers that are the same color as geranium, but they aren't geraniums (at least I don't think geraniums come from a cactus) but it is a lovely color.

I like your aside on perfectionism. I'm not a perfectionist, so good enough is really good enough. :)

Wonderful hattieness plus a cool cozy.

Huge giant heads are very lovable, you know. I live with one large noggin, have a few in my family tree, and see one in the mirror occasionally.

When you fake your death can I get your yarn stash? ;-)

You need to start a yarn club or open an Etsy shop before you fake your own death. It works better that way.

I'd say that SWS isn't exactly a luxury wonder, but Michaels stopped carrying it, and the luxury of not having a coupon to buy it is no longer available!

Either way, I enjoy using it, love my FOs with it, and I much enjoyed looking at your FO's!

At least you had Mark Harmon last night. Where do you meet these people??? I don't know why you don't carry an inflatable hammer and whack them when they start. Love your hat and arm warmer. It's hump day today!!!

The baby voice even annoys me when used by babies. Geraniums? Aren't they something that grows? We know nothing about that here.

I don't even like pink, and I love that geranium hat!


Your * footnote cracked me up. Baby voices? ugh

They are very cute. Definitely not a natural geranium though.

I have a giant melon too. Store hats never fit. Go figure.

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