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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Whatever it is, it is a pretty tree. Pretty knitting too! Can't wait to see the whole thing.

Very, very pretty. Have lace envy. What's the pattern? Don't make me wait until Monday please. Off to SPA tomorrow morning with no blog access.

ROFL. I really think it's a flowering pear. Even if it's not, it looks enough like one that if someone were inclined to go obtain said tree, it wouldn't be far off.

Oh, Cookie. She be beautiful. Seriously, dearheart. As for the tree? It's still a tree and so what if you don't know what kind. I have bought plants for my yard and have no clue what they are. As long as they are pretty and dog pee doesn't kill them, all is right with the world!

Pretty lace! I like the waves in a neutral color- very calming!

Oh your lace is always gorgeous. This wrap is no exception. I love!

Whatever that is, it's going to be gorgeous!

a) you don't suck! and b) that wrap is gorgeous! am sure pictures will turn out great!

Very pretty white lace to go with the very pretty white tree. You should stand under it to take pictures.

I was thinking much like Margene. I rarely think of white, but sometimes it's exactly right.


I think I actually see the hint of pink there! Are you going to model this one? You need something like Otter's George. I could make a paper mache chicken or catfish or something really gaudy for you to use.

Oh, and you don't suck. :D

If you can knit like that you definitely DON'T suck.

Lovely! Yours looks more pink than mine. I'm not really surprised about that.

Ooooh lace...drool.

It really is pretty - are you going to show the whole thing or just keep us in suspense?

Spring must be coming, according to your tree.

That it is a pretty tree works for me.

Lovely tease. More, give us more! :D

No, you don't.

That tree was gorgeous-maybe if you start up an account with enough money they will give you one to send to me...lol.

do you have a black or navy blanket to lay the wrap on? that might help.

What I see is so beautiful.

Now I'm thinking of How to Recognize Different Types of Trees from Quite a Long Way Away from Monty Python.

The wrap is pretty and you do NOT suck!

That is beautiful!

So pretty, you're making me want to knit lace.

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