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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Wisp calls to me when I see it on other blogs, but I can't imagine it would hold my interest. However, that pink could be very enticing.

Oh, that's such a pretty wisp! I can never remember where bruises come from either. That's gotta be a good thing, right?

Wisp is beautiful! As for the bruise, perhaps it's the sign of an impending death faking?

It is beautiful Cookie.

Cannot help with the bruise source. I have a hard enough time tracking mine. hehe

Perfectly lovely. I cut myself and don't remember doing it either. We must be kindred spirits. And, please don't stop talking about your weather. It's all relative, isn't it?

I tend to get mystery bruises, too. Walk into a wall lately? Drop a ten pound weight on your thigh, perhaps?

And Wisp looks lovely. All cotton candy and lace, yum!

Oh, so light and fluffy and lovely!

Wish I could help you with the bruise. You just never know.


even us folks in california have our weather misery. ours just isn't as miserable to those folks living in real winter as it is to us. (must be one of the reasons why i live here. something to do with the fact it rarely is freezing outside, and there is hardly ever any snow, unless you drive to it. and in the summer, i have an air conditioner for when it is 105.) i'm not looking forward to the rain we are supposed to have tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and after that again. once it starts to rain it seems like it will rain forever...

ps next week a brand new never been seen by us ncis.

I have a mysterious bruise too! (My midwife asked about it with a note of concern.) It looks truly like someone grabbed my thigh too hard, but I SWEAR I'm not so out of it that I'd forget/not notice my thigh grabbed hard enough to bruise. Come to think of it, DH seemed a little concerned when he noticed it, too. o.0

Those mystery bruises puzzle the heck out of me, too. Wisp is lovely!

What a pretty Wisp. That will go in my queue!

That is simply divine. The pattern never appealed to me on knitty but now I'm seeing it differently, it's just lovely and probably knits up fast enough that I'd finish it before getting too bored.

We can complain to each other. Damn cold front blew in and it only got to 59 today. But it'll be 70 tomorrow. Although I still don't get the hating birds thing. I mean you knit wing covers. :D

I'm not sure I wouldn't die of boredom knitting that, but it sure is pretty. (I think after stalling on my third montego bay I'm done with "yo k2tog" for a while)

Happy whatever the hell day it is. xoxo

wisp is gorgeous! but the thought of winding that yarn makes me break out in hives..

if you want to complain about the weather i'm always a great choice. i never have anyone to complain to. :-P

Your Wisp is beautiful...it's in my queue...I just need more hours in the day...I need to either stop sleeping or stop working.

Well that really is beautiful! It looks like it would blow away in a breeze. Or easily stolen by a redhead in the next county over...

Simply gorgeous!

Wisp is really pretty! I would have never even noticed that pattern without you. It looks nice and mindless too. Hmmmm. But is it cold enough? I don't think so.

That bruise sounds like the first stage of furniture jumping out in front of you.

Hey! I've got a half finished Wisp around here somewhere. I wonder where I put that?

Yours is extremely lovely, I wish I'd done mine in pink instead of blue.

Your Wisp is lovely.

oooohhh pretty!!

I had a vision of your hair standing on end from the staticwhile you wound your furry cake of yarn...or does that only happen at my house? ;o)

What a gorgeous wisp!I love that pattern.As for the mystery bruise,I always chalk mine up to the wild dream life I have.maybe it is a Mark Harmon related bruise...

Gorgeous! I have some red ShibuiKnits Silk Cloud that I bought with the idea of making Wisp. It's also in a hank... yikes!

I always have mystery bruises.

Pretty! And what a totally appropriate name!

I know!!! The bruise came from slamming the vault door shut with your hip. No? Oh, wait, that was me. Hope your's heals quickly!

Love Wisp!

Lovely Wisp, even if it is pink. That would look ghastly next to my new hair, btw. Hee.

Mysterious bruises .... They are a mystery. (Profound or what?)

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