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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Your yarn is simply scrumptious. I haven't thwacked yet, but then again, I haven't really finished spinning anything in months. Give a holler out to Margene. She's my expert! And, Pearl is simply lovely. Breathtaking.

Love today's title, and I can't wait to see more of that teaser!

You make your own yard? Sounds difficult. Do you need special equipment? A sheep? :)

Seriously, there is no way I could do something like that.

I always whack my yarn against the side of the house. The neighbors get a kick out of it.

Well, this is a subject that needs too much explanation however, here's a short very basic version. If you've spun worsted (short draw) you want to use warm water, with soap, and soak it for 20-30 minutes. Using soap is key as soap opens the fiber and gets every last bit of it wet. Roll the skein in a towel to get most of the moisture out and then swing around your head like a lasso, change place on the skein of where your hand holds it. Then put your arms inside the circle of the skein and straighten it out by opening your arms wider in a sharp movement. Do this over and over in different place of the skein and then you can whack it against the side of a wall or the tub or whatever you like. You can even whack against your SO's head (or your own) if you want. Hang to dry unweighted. Knit. This is the kinder gentler way of finishing. You can also beat up a skein to finish but that's another type of spinning and finishing.
OK, so that's not so short.

If I had known that I could scare my neighbors with this spinning stuff, I would have started long ago.

Love the tease.

I mailed a box of love from the mainland earlier. The postal guy was too busy trying to figure out why you didn't have a last name to ask me if the contents were perishable or explosive.


Pearl is fantastic. I told DH to buy me one for the next gift-giving holiday (but he missed the boat on V-day, stupid diamonds) but I don't think I'm going to wait for him.
I think I like your buddy Mike, and yes, I think you need a sheep. (The weeds will stop talking to you if you have one.)
Fantastic yarn. I knew Margene would know, but she didn't tell me how to finish if I spin a combination of short forward draw and long draw...

See Margene's comment just makes my head hurt and is probably why I don't spin. After learning all the stuff you're supposed to learn to knit, trying to stuff more stuff in my brain to learn to spin would most definitely cause smoke to come out my ears.

That looks like lovely miles of lace.

You could have thwacked the phone. Just sayin' I about threw mine out the window today. After Sunday, I'm not leaving the house for ANYTHING! Although, if you need anyone taken care of, I got a new weapon today. :D

The teaser looks beautiful! I can't wait to see what the colors of Mother of Pearl look like knitted.

Happy Tuesday honey!

i thwack all my yarn because it seems to distribute the twist more evenly. i also snap it a few times. i have no idea how to explain it in technical terms. :P

i think i like your buddy mike too. :)

Mmmmm, that teaser looks like a rick rack festival with lace. Pretty. I'm looking forward to see what happens next.

Thwacking: I'm not a spinner but this sounds like fun. I could take out my frustration on the yarn, and be doing something productive at the same time!

The tease is gorgeous!

I knew Margene would give wonderful information on the topic.

Excellent yarn, Cookie. I thwacked my only skein so far 'cause I thought I was supposed to. :D I'm so glad margene gave us a better reason. Now I just have to figure out if I long-draw/short-draw/or other.

That is a tease to soothe a troubled knitter, for sure. Beautiful. I hope the reveal is soon.

Always be nasty to nasturtiums. And your handspun.
Love the tease!

I thwack my yarn because it's either do that or beat the teenager - and she runs too fast now for that to be at all satisfying. ;op

Are you the one without a microwave? If you have one, there is a totally fun way of finishing yarn in the microwave. Totally.FUN. and makes a very neat plump yarn. And no thwacking, though I love the idea of thwacking the S.O.

Sorry but I couldn't help but laugh. I can just imagine you thwacking damp yarn against a wall and getting a face full of water in the process.

Another reason to love fiber. I wonder who I can thwack?

Great job on the yarn! I am truly impressed. And the new lace?? Can't wait to hear about it!


I like to whip-crack my yarn - makes a great noise and splatters water all over the bathroom. (I truly aim for the tub, but, well, you know...) Fun!
I'll have to give thwacking a try. If for no other reason than to have a great answer to "What did you do today?"

Thwacking yarn is a good stress-reliever, however I do suggest that you try and reserve it for when the house is empty. Apparently, neighbors don't like it when I thwack yarn my yarn against the fiberglass shower at 11pm. No clue why.

Thanks for the tease! I had a moment of "ohh me likey," and then I had to come back to reality that is called the workplace.

Note to self: if I ever spin anything, take it Margene's house for further explanations. This is why I don't spin, Margene lives many states away. (Not the only reason, but top five).

GTFOut! Are you knitting that ribbon think like me, or some harder pattern? I think it looks like mine, but I'd have to block it and that's so not happening anytime soon.

If memory serves me correctly, Margene did a whole post on yarn finishing complete with plunger. Go check it out. I also thwack or wet finish my yarn though haven't done the "snap" routine.

Pretty tease.

Geee, I thought thwacking was something I did to my kids with the back of my hand. :-)

I am not a thwacker except of silk. So sue me. My yarn holds together just fine thank-you-very-much. I am, however, a distance skeiner, setting my lazy kate at least 10 feet from where I am winding on to my knitty-knoddy. This is also supposed to even out twist. I try to ply from a distance but that just does NOT happen.

I don't thwack my yarn...but maybe I'll try next time - sounds sort of fun....gorgeous lace....

I've thwacked once and that yarn didn't look as nice as the yarn I didn't thwack... my hand spun is yet to be knitted (I'm busy just petting and admiring it at the moment) so we'll wait and see how it holds up...

Thwacking was banned in Boston. I tried it against the side of our brick building and someone yelled out the window to stop it, or they'd call the police.
Sheesh, a guy can't even thwack his own yarn in public anymore...

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