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Sunday, January 25, 2009


That's not nothing. That's something...good.

And, rightly so. I will be very very interested to know who your bread turns out. Have a great (and relaxing) Sunday!

You are making me need (knead? oh god, kill me for that) that book.

Laughing at Carrie's comment. I think Carrie and fam would love that book. Rain is good for you out there, hurray for it. Happy Sunday, Cookie.

I've got soup on the stove. That's about it. Pretty much nothing. Heh. :)

I wrote one of my semester's schedules today and made rice pudding...and lentil stew...and sugar cookies...and preserved lemon salad. I lost my voice yesterday (did you see it?), so I can't yap my head off like usual. I'm voiceless in the kitchen. That's my whole story for the day.

I pine for your Sunday. Hopefully, it rewarded you with comfort.

Enjoy your bread! (I am an admitted carb addict. I've made my peace with it.)

Mmmmmm. Bread! Pass the butter! Sunday is almost my favorite. Except for the unfortunate fact that it is followed by Monday makes it NOT a favorite!

I have nothing, too. I'm trying to think of something to blog about for tomorrow. Ugh.

You'll not hear me fuss at anyone for thinking too much.

birthday socks rock.

i got plenty but no energy to do anything about it. bleh.

I'm going to Bev's for dinner, but I think you should come along with that loaf of bread.

That's all I've got.


Wisp is good and bread is better. Rain sucks. Still @ lake and it's supposed to rain all day. At least I have PT. Now to figure out how to check my email an the phone. xoxo

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