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Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have decided that I'm permanently bread impaired. I can make cake, though. I like your beef barely soup -- would that be a soup you made when you didn't have much beef to put in it? (Sorry, couldn't resist. There's just something about typos that are also words.)

(You could drop by and comment once in a while. Especially when I have a contest going on.)

It DOES feel like Friday. In the w*lmart parking lot waiting for Texas - we needed stuff for the love shack. SHUT UP. Sometimes a nice chicken and wild rice with lots of fresh veggies is good.

re: loaf pan. Oh. Dear.
Mmmm, chicken broth. I loves me some chicken super broth. I am not sick, nor am I eight, but I loves it nonetheless. Tell me the makings, please, I am broth-incompetent. (Is the beef barley the same thing you made from smitten kitchen a while ago, or something new? Needs new recipes, please.)

All day I've been craving Minestrone soup with beef, veggies and beans. I'm not about to make it, however, at least not today.

I like beef barley soup, too. Pioneer Woman's chicken and rice soup is really good, though. Just sayin.

Mmm. Soup. And bread.

Anything Pioneer Woman makes is good - she puts a pound of butter in everything. How could it NOT be good?

I was trying to think of something funny to say about W*lmrt parking lots in Texas, but it just wasn't coming out right. So I'll stop.


i have never attempted making bread. i'm still trying to motivate myself to make the beef barley soup. i just need to get to the grocery store. this weekend is no good. it's **Superbowl Weekend**. that means it's chili. but i'm so determined to make that soup it's not even funny. i'm obsessed. :P

i often contemplate FO blog posts as i knit. what does that say about me?

I used to think I hated barley until I made it with beef, cream of mushroom soup, some real mushrooms and carrots in my crockpot. Then I found I did like barley!

When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. Or is that freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose? I get confused. Clearly my mind has already left.

I loves chicken soups however it's possible that I'm permanently eight and sick. Yeah, sick in the HEAD!!! hahahahahaha. Yeah. Eight.

Lentil soup is my favorite. How old does that make me? 80?

I am an equal-opportunity soup lover.

it is a humbling experience to screw up bread, isn't it? it should be so easy, but it is still chemistry. i love chicken soup. i'm not so much a beef girl. it is not friday because no announcement has been made yet and i can't wait to see the fluffy!

Mmm, soup. Beef barley, chicken, it's all good. (Apparently the bread, not so much.)

I'm not a big chicken soup fan either..but love beef barley!

I want to know so much what happened with the bread, but I'll be polite and restrain myself. And I'll try not to enjoy it too much...

I think you should make this carne guisada (http://homesicktexan.blogspot.com/2009/01/carne-guisada-tex-mex-stew.html) and tell me if it's good. I've got to work all darn weekend...

Did you find your baking stone? O.o

Mmmmm, soup!

It felt like Friday in my part of the world, too.

Split pea soup simmered with a ham bone and lots of carrots, celery and onions. And two bay leaves. Now that's soup. Although beef barely sounds good too.

Bread doesn't intimidate me but don't get me started on pie crust. Tastes more like cardboard when I make it.

mmm...chicken soup...and bread...mmmm...

Bread & soup - what's not to like? Latest pot of soup here is ham 'n beans ... warm to go with the snow.

I tried the bread recipe you sent me to, and it was not a total failure. I learned some things, and I want to bake more bread. Thank you so much.


Cooking can be easy. So says my talented hubs. I just know it's easy to screw up...
But soup? Soup can be easy! like baking, you make it and ignore it, which enables it to grow and become a food product. Real cooking, you have to stand there and keep poking at things with a purpose. Whereupon, I get bored and f-k it up.

The end.
P.S. I cheat and use a breadmaker. Only way I could master gluten free bread, and I like (for others in the world there) Carol Fenster for recipes.
The other end.

You fake it?

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