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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Blue? Who are you and what have you done with my Cookie?

I received a certain lace pattern u=in the mail today, you will hate me when I send your copy.

Pajamas sound perfect for tomorrow.


I'd like to stay in for the rest of the day, but we're going to an art show at the local library tonight. There's a dearth of culture around here, so I have to take what I can get! Tomorrow, though, I'll spend the morning in my jammies for sure!

Hmmm. I'll have to change back into my jammies after doing some non-jammie stuff in the morning...

I like the zero waste idea. I shall ponder the possibilities...


i'm getting out my jammies! what a superb idea! also love the less waste idea as well. we recycle like hyper monkeys here as well. but we do have three boy cats... so there's a lot of poop. /sigh

yay for blue! i'm so down with that.

Thanks for the shoutout! You are indeed ahead of the curve. Now that you mention it, we have a neighbor whose trash can is always overflowing when they put it out by the road. But they are a family of 4; I will forgive them (a little).

Blue? You are coming over to The Dark Side. Relax, you'll like it here.

Hah I got out of my jammies to shower and then get into new ones!

I haven't spent a day in my jammies for years. I do not believe I am able to stay in my jammies. Go figure. So, you relax for me, K?

Cool! To celebrate Super International Pajama Day, I'll get dressed and go somewhere tomorrow. ;op

...you know, since EVERY day is PJ day for me, hehe

Blue? Do you feel OK?

What I did today: I balanced our check book going back three (!) months, I cooked boring stuff and I took an hour walk in our balmy weather. And napped.

RE: SIPD: no way, no how can I spend a day in jammies. Even if I tried, I'd end up getting dressed by midday. The best I can do is to wear slippers with my sweat pants.

I wish I could stay in my jammies all day but I think we're going to the movies this afternoon. Milk or The Reader, we haven't decided yet.
I'm all for less waste. We have curbside recycle pick up every week and a "pay as you throw" program here where we buy the bags from the town so we only pay for however much we throw away. The bags are pretty big and we generally put out one every other week but I bet we could do better. On the other hand, the people across the street from us have a dumpster (yes, a dumpster!) in their driveway that they throw everything into. They never ever recycle, they don't even return cans and bottles for the redemption money. Their dumpster is filled and emptied every two weeks. It's awful!

Well, it's "tomorrow" already and I'm still in my bathrobe, but I do intend to get out of it and get down to the gym for a bit. After that, straight back to the robe. :D

Blue, huh? Verrrrrry interesting...
I read something somewhere about composting diapers. I might have to look that up.

Totally in pajamas all day. The zero waste information has given me some things to think about and evaluate what changes I can make.

Blue. Interesting.

We try to cut our waste and are doing far less in the way of single serving stuff. Unfortunately if we want to compost we have to schlep it to the Greenmarket which means scheduling regular trips that go right there and don't wander to other places first. Since Greenmarketing is done on foot or by bike ... you see the problem. Maybe we will give it a go over the summer if I don't have to work.

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