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Friday, January 30, 2009


Showing us some skin, I see.


I love the socks. They look like spring. I know it's coming because we're at the end of January and that leaves a month of serious winter (here anyway). I'm getting giddy. I'm sorry. And if you fake your death, will you get rich?

When I'm dead (50 years from now) you'll all get a share of my stash in the mail, that way, you'll know that I'm really dead or that I decided to take up scrapbooking.

Lovely socks! Shockingly pale legs!

I like them! Pink socks are great January. I need to finish mine...

Um, I meant "great FOR January."

Pfft - Joan, my legs are at least that pale. And Cindy, the better question is, if she fakes her death, will anyone ELSE get rich?

Really cute socks! Laceweight? Are they stoned?


i hope i'd be one of the people in the know. ;-)

i love the socks! they're so you! cute and cuddly. /runs

Is someone dead? or not dead? or, better question, do I want to know?
Nice legs, chica!

Pretty socks, yarn, color, and pattern! My own pink Koigu socks have gone tragically missing. Not just the traditional "one sock missing", but the entire danged pair. Search parties will be forming up soon. You are invited, unless, of course, you are dead, in which case you have an excused absence.

Faking one's death is becoming so over-done.

Pretty! Both the socks and the shorn legs. :)

If you fake your death, we still get to divide up your stash. Seriously, someone else did this? WTH?

What are you doing outdoors without shoes on?

I was noticing this morning that I need to get my razor out. Thought I could make it to spring but decidedly not. Eww.

Thanks! I would definitely like to be on the team that KNOWs you are faking your own death. I'll send cookies to your secret hide-out. And new yarn.

Very nice semi-birthday socks, Cookie! Happy colors.

I think you just shaved what was going to show. Fess up, now!! Love the socks!

And if you fake your death I want to know in advance so I can be smugly superior in the knowledge *nods knowingly*

My ANKLE!!!! She is lovely and I have missed her. And yeah, you would definitely need to keep Angie in the loop... Carrie threatened to send her down here if I didn't post soon (not that Angie coming for a visit would be a bad thing - plus I think she'd like my new guns) You would keep me in the loop too right? So I can send you your birthday present 6 months late. You, you, you COHORT!

Nice legs! Hubba Hubba! And gee, you even shaved for us. I'm impressed. Even if it was only up to the knees. That's more than I would have done.

shaved legs
(nice sox too)

I hope you do not need to fake your own death, but appreciate that you would consider letting me in on the secret.

The new socks are so cute. Do the purled toes, soles, and heels feel that different? Was it worth the additional effort?

Great socks. Perfect cheerful color for this time of year.

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