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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


How about you write it up for me honey. That little cable is cute but I canna figure it out lass!

Cozy, warm toes from Cookie...that's sweet. It's the time of year we all need to do a little catchup or is that ketchup?

Perfect way to end the year... And what a year it was! Wow, you knit a lot!


Pretty pink houseies! They look very cozy and excellent for getting through winter. Cookie socks are most certainly pink. :D

Of course we expect them to be pink. At least for this year.

I love that Lamb's Pride--good stuff, and adorable socks!

i love those socks. so cozy and bright!

now that you're caught up, can you help me get caught up? i mean.. isn't that what friends are for? ;-)

They ARE super cozy!
I am the luckiest girl evah :)

You can count! (You kind of have to if you knit)
That's 40 plus 25 other FO's. Slacker.

Oh, and I love the socks.

I just looked at your gallery. Gonna go lie down now. It made me tired just to see how much you knit this year.

My goodness, that's a lot of stitches!

So pretty! And are you really caught up? Good for you.

Housies! Very nice. You are really on a pink streak, too.

I have a lot of Lamb's Pride leftover in the stash. May have to go investigate...

You, ma'dear, are the "Queen of Socks!" They are lovely. Happy New Year to you and yours. Someday I may have an FO. Snort.

Those socks seems to match Paris Hilton's new car...coincidence?

Those are cute socks. They are just the kind of socks I have been thinking about lately.

Caught up? Color me impressed. I think I will live vicariously through you today.

So pretty and soft looking (wipes drool off keyboard).

2 nights?? Are you freaking kidding me!!! Please tell me how you've managed to warp the space time continuum.

You should totally join that NaKniSweMoDo aka "we're all a little crazy". And wasn't it me who told you you should have joined that sock a week thing. You were just 12 pair short. Lovely socks btw. And how come Carrie gets the pattern? I've been asking for it for YEARS!!! /runs

Pretty socks, very nice stuff.
And judging from Stacey's comment, you needta make that linkie BIGGER.

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