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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Are we to believe that you CAN be something other than cranky? How can you be cranky after winning such a fabulous prize?

Beautiful hat! And a wonderful rant... or two... or three. Yeah for winning yarns and a pattern. Free yarn is always good.

Sweetie, why are you asking permission to be cranky NOW? I'm pretty sure the train already leave that station. :)

(We wouldn't have you any other way...)


PS - the hat is really pretty.

I mean LEFT that station. I can talk good. Really.

oooh. love the hat.

and erm. *love* voodoo doll? say again?

Let me get this straight.

Someone was stupid enough to complain about getting an absolutely gorgeous hat because it's made out of non-acrylic.

Um would you be so kind as to put my name in the place of that person's on your gift giving list? I will be properly appreciative.

And I'm gonna make the thing in some blue Malabrigo that I have.

Gr. (growling for you/with you)

Wow, you have been in rare form this week.
Love the hat, and you know that I'm picky about hats.

That hat is so pretty. And as a person who is a happy member of the "I have made peace with patterns that have yarnovers" group, let me say that I love the lace pattern there. :)

Can you tell I know lots of people who hate/complain about yarnovers? I'm not sure why, since it's only placing the yarn over the needle, but OK.....

Cookie I love you!!! :)
Say it like it is sista!

I love the hat, Cookie. Very cool that you zipped that baby out pronto. Hmmmm, typing "baby" makes me wonder.....

Nora certainly is inspiring.

Actually, this is the true time to be crabby/cranky. And yes, I am complaining to TypePad.

Oh, my goodness. You think you're so cranky, but you're not. You're opinionated and there is nothing wrong with that! So, be cranky. It's ok. Call it whatever you like. You're still a doll;--)

Lordy, I love cranky.

Cookie dear, you can be cranky/opinionated any time you want to. It's your thing The hat is gorgeous!

PS. Speaking of "plastic crap yarn" and cranky, take a look at this: http://the-panopticon.blogspot.com/

It's because The 40 Year Old Virgin is on instead on NCIS, isn't it? Well that made me cranky. Hez is cranky because it won't stop raining.

I don't care how incompetent I am at knitting and how many stupid questions I ask. I'm not giving it up. So there.

Love the hat. Ignore all the crap. And enjoy your prize, that yarn is fabu (I'm wearing it, as a scarf, right this moment).

Oh my God, no truer words were ever spoken. There are just some people who SHOULD NOT KNIT. Like the asshat who hangs out at my store and refuses to learn to pick up dropped stitches because everyone else does it for him. Except for me. I just yell at him and tell him to learn to knit.

What a great prize! And a pretty hat, too!

I love you, Cookie! You just took care of two or three people for me, and it feels great. I usually have to decompress from dealing with some of these people, but instead I read this and can move on to more important things. Congratulations on winning!

Wonderful hat! I love the one I did - it's a great pattern.

Please rant and grouch some more. I love it -- saves me the trouble.

What, someone got a gorgeous hat and instead of saying "Wow, thank you!" they *complained*? Did you snatch that hat off their dang elbow (who can't figure out how to wear a hat? SERIOUSLY?) and say "Screw you, I'm giving this to Kit, who will love and wear it!"?

Because you should have.

You know I love the hat - and isn't it a blast to knit? I want to make more. Fancy yarn, my arse.

I do agree that some folks should just put down the needles and back away slowly.

Will you rant some more? Like others here, I find it strangely therapeutic.


I just have the love for teh hate!
...except I may be one of those people? whimper


to clarify! the type who perhaps is knitting impaired! not one of the other ones (shudder)

CRACKING UP at Margene's comment.

I think you need one of these:

All right, I refrained from linking that thing in your comments.

But you need a Pocket Rocket. Or something. XOXO

Let me get this straight: someone complained about frickin MALABRIGO? WTH. Kiss your families, people. The end of the world has come.

I think you've just illustrated that yes, some people shouldn't knit, and some of them should consider being a LOT quieter too. I mean it's like advertising a plant stand and then having someone ask if you can put a plant on top of it. . . oh wait . . .

::A lot of people who knit really shouldn't knit. Have you noticed that? ::


I'm with Bam. Someone who complains about receiving a beautiful handknit hat in fabulously soft malabrigo should STFU and be crossed off the handknit-gifts list for life. Even if it *is* your mother.
DPNs are only hard if you fall on them just so.

Oh, I agree with you. I hate bitches that get all whiney about what they're knitting with. It's not like you're forcing them to do it. They're doing it on their own. They just need to learn to suck it up. DPNs are not hard at all. And I'm the queen and not understanding how to do shit. Thanks for the vent about this. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!
Hope the bitches start staying away! :)

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