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Saturday, November 29, 2008


There is not a thing wrong with grey hair or big heads. Love the pink. Strangely enough, the Air Force is leaving us alone this weekend.

You are so wrong. Where the hell are my eyelashes?!


*loves u*

Dude I've got so much more gray than you do. Cute hat.

I *DO* hope tomorrow is Sunday, at least that's the assumption I'm going on :) Nice hat!

Yes, the days are confusing. On Thanksgiving night I was sure it was Sunday. Oy.

All the best knitters have gray hair and big head. You heard it here first.

But now you gotta post another picture. I tagged you.

Cute hat. Looks nice and cozy -- and they grey is barely noticeable.

A modeled FO!

CUTE! And so very .... I don't know...I'm searching for the word.....

oh, yes....PINK!!! :D

I, too, have lost track of the days. I was conVINCED that today was Monday and I was already planning my work schedule.

Gray? Where? I didn't see any. Lovely picture. And I don't see a big head either. What have you been drinking? Too much overly fermented apple cider?

Have a happy Saturday! It's still romp day. :D

Nice hat model! Nice hat, too. Big heads are popular at my house. I don't know about gray since my hair dresser is good with the chemicals. :D Looks like a nice sunny breezy day though......

Mm, I love the crab men. :D

Eagerly awaiting new season of crabmen to come down here :)

Pretty hat!

Why yes I am happy! I too have no idea what day it is. Of course I'm in Kuwait and really have no idea what time it is even...

Cute hat btw. I can add one more piece to my Frankenstein "Build a Cookie" jigsaw puzzle...

Great hat. And everyone knows that people with big heads have more brains.


Love the hat.I never am quite sure what day it is-holiday weekend or not!

Gray hair and big head? We're twins!

Oh! Cute hat! That long weekend seemed awfy short to me. Just sayin'.

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