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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I do not agree that any time spent watching Mark Harmon could be considered 'wasted'.

I have a connection to that show ('Ducky' is my friend's dad) and so far he hasn't hooked me up with Mr. Harmon (the heck with Pam Dawber). I'm considering ending the friendship...

Just in case the doesn't work right, I want you to know I AM signed out of Typekey. They haven't answered my queries, either. If you're going to waste what's left over your 30s watching Mark does that mean you birthday is in the next day or so?

Such cute socks! So.. you have some experience with a broken ass? Just askin'.

What's the deal with the broken ass? LOL

Did they tell you to update Firefox? They always tell you to update Firefox.
The Mr. would say that you can't break something that already has a crack in it. you would think he's about thirteen wouldn't you?
My mother has discovered the Mark Harmon 24/7 channel but when I ask her what channel number it is, she changes the subject.

Why am I not posting as joan????? Who is JustJoan???

"One cannot have a good time with a broken ass" Bwahahaha! too true!
I think i should be at home right now watching Mark Harmon.
TG for DVR!

Joan/JustJoan's Mr's comment is cracking me up and I have no further ability to form thoughts. Oh, except, pretty socks.

I apparently outraged the TypePad Gods by saying I was having no problems with their new and *improved* crappe. Suddenly my sidebar has disappeared, the photos on all older posts are humungous, and the text is gray on a black background. WTF? Plus the edit window cannot decide whether it wants to show me the rich text or the html. It IS pretty sure that it doesn't want to allow me to choose.

How can watching Mark be a waste of time? I'm watching him right now. I just have to get my knitting out and waste away with you.

I'd love to see a picture of your broken ass.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

How would one go about breaking one's ass? I don't know about yours but mine's pretty squishy. It would be kinda like trying to break a water balloon. Uhh ... maybe not THAT squishy.

Joan's making me laugh over here in Wisconsin. Cute footies! Maybe you could paint some Alene's stuff on the bottom of the foot(s) to reduce the chance of a broken ass? :D

Happy Thanksgiving, Cookie. *hugs*

Cute footsies. I want you to slide with abandon. You will not break your ass (I hope). Have a wonderful Thanksgiving(if that's the way you roll;--)

It's my incredible mind powers. You really WANTED to be knitting a tube top. It just turned into a hat accidentally.

Cheryl always guesses "tube top". Model it with your face in the shot. Go crazy.

My dad would have been right there with Joan's Mr. I'm still laughing so hard over the phrase "break my ass" that I can hardly spit out how much I like those footies.

I didn't sleep enough last night - punchy.


Happy Thanksgiving, Cookie! Ah, the ass jokes are a great way to start the day.

Oh no, Typepad "upgraded" again? I hadn't noticed. Yet. They do always say update Firefox. Once it actually worked.

No time spent watching Mark Harmon is wasted. Bite your tongue.

How did you break your ass?

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