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Friday, November 28, 2008


*big hugs* Sounds like a rotten weekend so far. I still have my hunting stuff available....any suggestions?

Clean jammies, knitting, and sexy crabmen sound great. I hope the weekend and everything else improves from now on.

I won't tell Mark if you don't.
Do you want me to kick the shit out of someone for you?

I cared but I knew that you had your reasons. My mother went to the grocery store (for the eleventh time since Tuesday) and came home without her side view mirror. Are you sure we don't share the same mother??

I cared, but I thought you had your reasons. You should let Angie sniper rifle the person and I have some land to hide the body. Just sayin'

Have fun with the Crab men and your knitting. Staying in bed and jammies is the perfect idea.

I'm sorry to hear that you cried. I don't think my blog is IMPORTANT either. But I do get a kick out of writing it.

I cared, but you know who's stalking you when and knew that I was checking up. I am cracking up at the fact that 75% of the commenters so far are offering to assault someone for you. (Well, I'm throwing my hat in, so 80%. Nobody'd convict a pregnant chick, so lemme know soon so I can use the temporarily hormonal defense.)

Aw, Carole posted before I did and threw off my math. Drat.

I cared, but knew you were probably kickin' someone's ass. Couldn't know it would be your own. Tears help I happen to know. At any rate, I won't hurt anyone, but I can bring some ice cream...

Whose ass do I need to kick?
Big hugs.

I was too self having holiday blues to notice but I'll help kick the butt of whoever made you cry.

Mark Harmon has nothing to fear from the sexy crabmen.

Cookie, don't you know I've always loved you?
Call me!

Wait a minute...where am I? Is this Cookie's blog. Oh yeah, I just had to read to see it was you.

Wait. You didn't post yesterday? It was because you were too busy commenting on my blog, right?

If you need me to beat up somebody with my crutches or run 'em over with my wheelchair, just let me know. I am at your service.

*lets Daisy give you the 'cheer up dammit' look*

Feel better yet? *hug*

I guess I am another in you pile of nobody, as I cared. I just figured something got in the way. I hope the jammies, hat, and crabmen helped your day.

Aw, Honey, I'm in the big ol' line of people who not only care, but who are also offering to inflict bodily harm on whoever hurt you.

I think kmkat wins the award for funniest visual, although if we combined her and Carrie, you'd have a hell of a team working for you. The cops would have no idea what to do with the two of them.


I'm sorry about the kick in the chest. Give me a name and address and I'll kick 'em back.

Nobody kicks my Cookie! I sorry. {{{hugs}}}

P.S. No one is better at talking in code than you.

Who can resist the sexy crabmen? I sure can't. I'm sure Mark understands. Then again he might go all Ted Bundy on you. Because you know, that's who he is doncherknow. No. I obviously cannot give up on that thought. :-P

Mark Harmon posted a comment! Your blog is SUPER important. Just like mine!!!!!!xxx

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