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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Something was going around yesterday because too many of us felt surly and off kilter. Today is better and maybe that's because we have good reason to sit in front of the tube and knit. Except I'm going out tonight so I might get grouchy again.

It is charming and endearing. Not that I'm agreeing that you're surly or anything. Because I totally love bitchy and cranky. Besides... sometimes it's just too damn hard to be chipper all the time. And life's too short to fake it.

I like how the sleeve goes over your hand, but I totally understand the desire to be able to function while wearing said beautiful pink sweater. As for the cranky thing? You are so entitled, ma'dear.

We're all still cranky over here. And I had to roll up the cuff on my sweater today because it was covering my hand. Fix it while you can, it looks to be a lovely sweater. Where did I put my pink yarn?

You really are charming and endearing when you're cranky and surly. It just works for ya! :-D

I'm still cranky and surly. Actually, I was mostly okay yesterday, but today I'm just one more interruption from a Postal Experience. Tricksy hobbitses, we hates them.
At least you get to do the fun part of the sleeves over.
Now, excuse me, I just got another &)%(*&@!)$() interruption. Watch the news for me...

That cuff is so darn cute. I can't wait to see the rest of the sweater!


I am more than making up for the lack of surly on your part today. :-)

The color is lovely and I do love long sleeves.

I still cannot get over how fast you knit. :-)

It's good that you're cranky and surly. We can live vicariously through you, and get all of that out of our system.

The cables look perfect in that pink. Thursday is tv night here, too. :-)

Very pretty, though, even if long. Some of my best friends are too long. Wait, that didn't come out right.

So, what do you watch?

Even long, that sleeve/cuff looks so good on you. Surly is good; it keeps folks on their toes.

RE: the sleeve. Whoops.

That's a beautiful cuff, and not the type to be rolled up. But so very correctable. And then your surliness will be gone, because who doesn't love a perfect-length sleeve? Happy dance!

Ah...the sleeve could double has a hand warmer??

I hope the sweater is fixed now. Yesterday was one of those days for a lot of people.

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