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Sunday, November 23, 2008


"Sunny and optimistic"? Yep, that's our Cookie, all right ::ducks and runs away::

Uh yeah... could you tone down the irritating optimism and sunshine? Please?

Maybe it was good that I could not make it out to the stores today.

Yes, it should be quite the week.

My best advice? Stay out of the stores!

Yeah, I'm getting irritated over here...

I'm with Carole - starting at 12:00 a.m. Friday, going anywhere near any store that bears someone's first name is going to be a really bad idea.


Shop on-line. I am lightsalmon, which sounds kinda fishy.

Took the test and I think it's the test. Not you. Shopping from now until January 15 is not recommended. It just infuriates me.

There is a bead store here in Tucson with lovely things. I can't imagine they have much of a Christmas rush, really, unless the adorable old Indian guy buys an extra bunch of supplies this time of year. Tell me what you need and I'll send it.
We need to find that quizmaker and slap her.

I don't do stores between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Tone down "sunny and optimistic"? Seriously???

Did you have someone else take that test for you?

Your cheerfulness overwhelms me. *blink*

At least you got a nice warmish color. I came out steel blue. Steel blue???? Do I look like Mike Hammer?

I rarely think of myself as misanthropic, but this time of year does bring it out in one.

I prefer to troll the online stores too because around here, every child under the age of 15 has these annoying wheels in their shoes. They sail around and always right in front or into me. I'm going to steal the shoes of the next kid who does that to me, I SWEAR. Or just turn up my iPod some more. *ahem*

Nice color, btw. ;)

Wait, there's a craft store named after me? How do I not know this?

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