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Saturday, November 22, 2008


There's always a Wonderbra. Or those cute little chicken cutlet-type things that you can stuff in the bras for a little lift.

A bigger rack is not always a blessing, ma'dear. Too much to work around sometimes. As for the sweater. I love it. I like the buttons, too. You are still a knitter of amazing talent.

Big tease, talking about the fit and then not showing. Sheesh.
I love the button even more now that I've seen the whole thing. Pretty pretty sweater, though.

we never get a model. poo.

How nice that you won out over the button band. Because what a very long button band it is! :)

Very pretty sweater.

You have enough socks in your sock drawer to deal with the rack issue. My Greenjeans is too big and I'd go down a size or two next time also.

It's awfully hard to judge whether the fit is right or not without actually seeing it. The fit, I mean.

I like it. I have buttons just like that on my Lupine Sweater!

It's a beautiful color and I'm sure it looks great on you. I'm with the cutlets...they do wonders. Really.

Happy sweater finish! xoxo

It sure looks marvelous from here. I'm with Cheryl -- the right bra can make all the difference. I have different bras for different tops, and simply canNOT wear certain things without the right one.

Pretty sweater and I do like the button, but I agree with Cindy on the bigger rack. It can be a big pain in the back ;)

I think it's a gorgeous sweater. The important thing is how do you feel while you're wearing it?

BTW, I too have love for the buttons. JoAnn's huh? Who knew?

Finished sweaters rock! I'm with Opal, how do like the way it feels on you?

see I've never been able to decide if the look would be right for me or not. I need to think about it. I really like the pattern - and yours is quite fetching - but I wonder if it would make my short, round frame look shorter and rounder. Sigh.

I'm lmao at Joan, and I think it's a lovely sweater. I'm a little freaked about the sizing issue, though, since I really do want to make one of these - those little cables are just irresistible to me. I like your idea of not changing needle size.

And the button? Rocks.


I think its beautiful - and all that matters is that you like it and are happy wearing it. Very pretty color....

It is pretty. Will you wear it or will it sit in the closet?

I think it's lovely just the way it is but you have to love it, or at least appreciate it enough to wear it :)

Well, it sure looks nice in the photo, Cookie. Lovely sweater and a great button.

Sorry about the fit but it sure does look pretty! I love those buttons too. I have them on a pre-blog (I think?!) sweater that I made.


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