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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Those are very, very cute socks. Thank you and thank Debi!

Very cute socks. I especially like the color combination. I liked them over at Debi's and I like them here, as well. Nice pattern, Debi.

I LOVE THOSE SOCKS! Adorable. And, so nicely knit.

seems like the alternating colors takes out the boorish part -- and looks cool

Ooooh those are super cute!!! Love the colors.

how cute are those!?

Those socks are so cute. Loving the plaid heel. Happy Sunday back atcha!! What is left of it anyway.

Very cute!

cute! cute! cute!

I love them!

Cool socks!

Cute! Nice work.

Oh, very nice! I really like those little garter rows, and the colors, too!


Pretty socks! You should totally do those cool ones in Socks, Socks, Socks. :D And I think it is Sunday. Maybe. I got lost in the piles of stuff trying to find all my crafty fiber stuff.

What else are you knitting?


Can I just say that EVERY sock is a quick knit for you? That sock is darling. I love the details! Great job!

How cute! Thanks!

Cute as buttons!! Nice work. :-)

Cool socks. That would be a great way to dress up some of my standard ribbed socks.

They are very cute!

Those are too cute!

That is such a cute sock!!

Cute overload!

Those are lovely and look like they would be my complete undoing if I tried to knit a pair. Do you know how wonderful you are?

Those are the cutest socks! I love the color combination. Love on a Monday? Can't wait!

I'm in mad love.

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