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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


You are so smart to have figured this out. We hates our Typepad people and will continue to tell them so.

:-( Wouldn't you love to know who was in the focus groups they used to come up with these new "features"?
Didja get the lashes? :-D

Wow. The ability to e-mail commenters easily was the one thing that has had me seriously contemplating switching from blogger (FREE) to Typepad (shelling out monies). If they've busted that, there's no longer any reason for me to switch. Evil bastards.

I figured that out early this morning (BEFORE COFFEE) and I did sign out after leaving a couple of comments. It was not a happy surprise to see! Damn Typepad.

I seem to be the only person in the new TypePad that is NOT having major trouble. Once I figured out how to change my font to TNR and to be larger, I have been okay. The comments still come into my email, and I can reply through email fine. Is that because my commenters have done that sign-out thing? BTW, I have the El Cheapo, $4.95/mo, TypePad blog.

Testing for the help lady.

I thought I WAS signed out of Typekey and it doesn't show that I am now signed into Typekey...let's see if this works.

Bastards! I am NOT signed in and still they taunt me. What gives?


I figured out how to turn the stupid TypePad Key Connection Thingy off. However, Margene seems to be trapped in TypePad Key Connection Thingy hell, which is interesting because Margene is a power user and should, therefore, be treated better than us non-power users.

Have I mentioned being frustrated by all of this?!


I am so confused!

I'm going to sit with CindyCindy in the confused corner.

That's odd because I haven't had any trouble at all. Maybe it's because I have authentication/typekey etc. turned off?

I'm amazed that you ban people. Trolls are so much fun to laugh at!

Seriously - I use blogger because I saw so many complaints about TypePad and didn't want to have to deal with it. Ecver considered switching?

Oh my. I'm sorry about your woes, sweetie. Let me know if the bad people come back - I'm kinda crabby today.

Karen, Jenn, et al: blogger and blogspot totally suck for commenters, at least ones who don't have accounts with those services.


I totally agree, go knit to relax. 8)

I hope you are able to read this and that they get your problems resolved soon. HUGS!

I hope your idiots don't get in. Do you need me to get out the Big Mamuu and take care of some people?

So I can stay signed in and say all sorts of sassy things to you and you can't hit me back? Heheheheh!

So, how do I sign out? I guess I'll see if you can reply to this.

Me, too. How did you figure out how to turn it off? Or better, not how you figured it out, just how do I do it?

I know Typepad has its issues, but is there anything better out there? I hope they are working on everything.


What I want to know is what possible GOOD function does this serve? It only deters people from commenting???? WTF?

I complained, too, and have heard nothing back yet. Ugh.

One word for you: Wordpres...

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