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Friday, November 21, 2008


Ooooh, Cookie, those are beautiful! Are you going to model the earrings for us when you model the sweater? C'mon, you know you wanna...
That handspun is so you, I can hardly believe it. If DIC has ground up babies, does that have ground up cookies in it?

Earrings? Gorgeous. Yarn? Stunning. What a lovely surprise.

Oh. Wow. Drool. Envy.

Opal is a great friend.

Loves me some pearl earring and that handspun is excellently beautiful. Lucky you!

The handspun yarn is gorgeous. I have just started spinning and only aspire to make yarn that beautiful. What a lovely gift. Lucky woman!

from hate comes teh luv

so pretty!!

I thought of you when I saw that yarn over on Opal's blog. Enjoy the love.

Both are lovely.

Very nice! Her jewelry is spectacular. You know, you could just untwist the skein and wear it around your neck for a while. :D

Just trying to help.

Opal rocks. The earrings are perfect, and I think they will look gorgeous with the cowl you make from that unbelievably wonderful yarn!


i'm glad you like everything. :) i'm so sorry it got sent parcel post!

You are one lucky cranky girl! That yarn is so amazingly pretty.

Officially jealous here.

Gorgeous earrings, I have a pair of hers, and bought some for my sister. They are beautiful!

Gorgeous earrings! I just bought a pair from her for my daughter - and can't wait to see them. Gorgeous yarn - it will make a beautiful cowl.

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