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Thursday, October 02, 2008


You really made that yarn work. Those are cute!

And, they look way cool, too! You were so not whiney.

Finding the right pattern is key. Good for you in being persistent.

wow they really did work huh!
Look fabulous!

I am quite thankful those weren't your hairy legs modeling those socks. o.0


Those socks are real shway. They're all chocolate-covered strawberry goodness. :D

Oh me likey those socks. So glad you came up with a pattern that did not make you want to burn the yarn!

BTW, I awarded you. Check out my latest blog post, because yes. I am that cheesy.

Verra nice! I, too, wondered about those hairy legs... ;)

Those came out super cute!

Success! i am happy you did not let the yarn defeat you!

Clearly you made them work. Very nice!

love the love today...I needed ti hear someone having a good day, glad it could be you xo

Were these the ones that were coming out one side black and one side pink, like a mutant Snow White apple? But I thought I remembered those socks being done and gifted to the Man Whom Pooling And Pink Do Not Bother. My brains are kind of like margarine right now, it's been a long week.

Great socks, Cookie. I'm glad you found a happy solution.

The nice hairy ankles did throw me a bit, at first. :D

What Carrie said - I was just thrilled to realize those hairy legs weren't yours! Though if they were, I'd probably have admired your bravery in showing them on the internet.

I'm assuming that those aren't your legs... right? O.o Because even I shave more often than that!


Look ma! No pooling! Very nice.

I love them!!!!

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