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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's good to know when to give it up and move on. Ewwwww, for the water pitcher thingy, but hopefully you'll start feeling more like yourself...bitchy is better than yukky.

I'm so sorry for your frustrations. I have some leftover chocolate cake from last night's party if you want to come over. :)

That pink lace you got going on is gorgeous. The beads are a lovely bribe.

At least I was right about the Ripple Lace. It looks wonderful. Sorry about the heartache.

Bribing the knitting?! Pure genius. I may need to try that...

probably - thought it was a good NCIS last night.
The knitting in progress looks amazing!

You can blame Mark for almost anything as long as you don't hold it against him:-) You are a very brave girl to rip two projects. It takes nerve and I'm very impressed. The beads and lace a beautiful (and such a pretty pink).

It's totally Mark Harmon's fault last night. Was he hot or what? Poor Tony.

Just because it's "almost done" doesn't mean it's safe from the Frog Pond. Wrong is wrong.

Ewww. Living black stuff on the bottom of the filter? Shouldn't it be filtering that kind of stuff out?

Beautiful! Can't wait to see if finished.

Ooooh, gross about the water pitcher. Glad you discovered it.

Those beads aren't pink, they're ROSE. And I know this because I HATE pink but I love rose.
Glad you got rid of some knitted baggage.

i think mark harmon is totally blame worthy. no keeping track of charts during ncis. or even which row i am on.....

I highly suspect that Mark Harmon has been the cause of much tinking around the world. ;-)

I'm sure the knitting will appreciate your offerings.

If I tell Mark Harmon he's got a great body, will he hold it against me?

Ewww on the water pitcher thing - good thing you saw it! Love the beading...

Definitely Mark Harmon - that was a pretty good episode last night. Sorry about the ripping, but sometimes you gotta. I do like the pink lace & beads!

Our filter pitcher sometimes gets charcoal residue from the filter in it - certainly looks icky, but I don't think it's bad for you.

Lovely new knitting, Cookie. It is going to be gorgeous with the beads. Even I'm watching NCIS....it was a good episode last night.

Ripping the pink shawl is for the best. No need to have a reminder of sad events around.

Ewwww! Hopefully you feel better soon.

And I know what you mean about knitting projects that hold too much baggage between the stitches - sometimes you've just got to do what needs doing.

I think the frogging will help with the progress. Your new, almost-shawl is gorgeous, and the beads are perfect.

Those beads are such a gorgeous colour. I don't have the patience for beading plus the dogs would probably run off with them anyway LOL

The shawl and beads are marvelous, and I think they'll go wonderfully well now that you've lightened the load by putting away the projects that were bugging you!

Maybe the black stuff is why I drink my filtered water out of the spigot on the fridge. My kids insist the stuff from the pitcher is "better." Hmmm.

Get a Brita, it tells you when to change the filter and I use that reminder for washing too. Don't know if you're a member but you can get a good deal on the filters at Costco too.

"Black stuff" are cooties you don't need :)

Blame Mark Harmon for everything - I do!

Sorry the knitting hasn't been behaving lately but what you've got there is awful darn pretty. Maybe I should buy my knitting some beads.... ;)

Mark Harmon is the source of many, many problems in my life. :D Happy Thursday my little dehydrated Cookie. xoxo

I'm sorry your knitting has been bad. :o( Black stuff is bad, glad you saw it before it killed you... ;op

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