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Sunday, October 05, 2008


The socks look warm, soft and cozy. Good yarn save.

Those are really cute!

You knit worsted weight on 2.75mm? Are they bulletproof?

I absolutely love the squishy socks of love. They look great and very comfy besides luscious color.

Love socks, baby, love socks! (This should be sung to the tune of "Love Shack")

Ha, looks like the Radio Flyer in my backyard. Which is there because my husband keeps taking it out of the garage, since our kids are too old to use it (for the most part, but you know, occasionally there comes a need for a wagon for ANYONE!) So now, especially after the floods of the early summer, our RF looks kinda the same.

Your ankles and mine are the same color. When I'm referring to mine, I call it fishbelly white. Yours could be better called 'aristocratically pale'. But *yours* are beautifully shaved. (Just wanted you to know that your efforts weren't taken for granted, after the Pink Sock picture.)

Love!! Your ankles are so baby perfect, and those tiny cables are the bomb.


Love your socks, but I'm sorry dear. That issue with the tweedy bits? I've had that one forever. Forever, I tell you.

The only reason my ankles might have more color than yours are because they tend to have varicose veins. :d Mmmm!

Oh, those look cozy!

Sooo glad you shaved for that pic.The socks are super cute!

Little red wagon, oh how I love thee :)
Great socks that colourway worked well with the pattern!

weird when one sees a Radio Flyer that is all fresh and rust-free. unAmerican. I used to think they were made for yard work as I barely recall using one for wagoneering, but many memories of my folks using it for yard work...
hey, methinks we'll buy one in a year or so. weirder.

That's how you know the wagon has been well used! Those socks look totally cozy.

So when someone says that they are going to fix your little red wagon, they have a lot of work to do, don't they?
I clearly remember getting a Radio Flyer for my fifth birthday and my boys have had one forever. For some strange reason, none of the brats on my street seem to have wagons, they all have motorized stuff. That must explain why they are brats.

Lovely socks, as always.

Yeah... what Carrie asked. :D Those tweedy bits were an overdye to try to make a nasty looking color look better. I'm glad you made a pair of comfy socks for yourself for once. Oh... don't forget, the purple is worsted too! O.o

Happy Monday Cookie monster!

The baby cables are so cute. I am also prone to plucking the tweedy bits.

Not to worry, I already have more issues than I know what to do with, thanks just the same. Several lifetime subscriptions' worth. Love the socks. Simple, elegant, perfect. They remind me of my ribbed red scarf, and make me wonder, if I'd done it in crisp merino instead of blurry alpaca, would someone have knit it by now? One way to find out.

Very nice socks - love the cables!

"Yes, I have issues, but they are my issues and you can't have them.
Get your own!"

Love it! Wish I'd said that. It belongs on a t-shirt or coffee mug.

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