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Thursday, October 16, 2008


And, you must pet it, too.

That is beautiful, and definitely a Very Cookie Colorway!


What Cindy(2) said. And maybe sniff it. But probably don't taste it.

That is gorgeous! drooling now.

Of course I don't blame you. Sometimes yarn is perfection in itself.

I cannot. I can envy you, however.

Beautiful! Pet, drool, pet...

Okay, I ask this with all due respect....and especially to the wonderful Devorah who found the absolute Cookieish yarn, but don't you get sick of pink? I'm just wondering if it will be your color forever and ever.
When I picture you, it is a pink cookie. It is.

Beautiful! Just love it and pet it, and it will tell you what it wants to be ;)

Oooooo. Pretties! I wish you had touch-o-vision on this blog. :D

Oh I bet it just feels marvelous! That Devorah and Squidette sure can pick 'em.

It is only right to get to know the yarn before you drive in the needles.

Some times you have to listen to the yarn for a little bit - you'll figure out what it wants to be! Beautiful yarn! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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