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Monday, October 27, 2008


Those are some beautiful socks. I love the colors. It appears I am unable to buy blues. I look at my stash and it's purples, natural colors, and now a few pinks. I might be in a rut.

Sandy deserves blue sky socks. Not sure I get the Smooshy Sock love thing either.

I love the Monkeys, and sue me if you will, but I DO love that yarn. It's all springy and lovely and, well, smooshy.


I have that very color of that very yarn, just waiting to decide what to be. I think mine will be something with cables, though.

I like the Smooshy because it is very smooshy and because of the subtle colorplay. No self-striping for me. And because you can just go online and buy the stuff, rather than staying up all night clicking obsessively only to see the last skein disappear from your shopping cart.

What a lovely gift! I haven't seen Smooshy yet, but people sure seem to like it.

Very pretty. I have the smooshy, but having never worked with it nor worn it, I can't say what's so special. Maybe it gives your feet little rubs when you wear it. Maybe it's just like Wollmeise and someone famous once knitted with it and it became the newest hottest thing. Whatever it is, I have the exact color used in the Mingus pattern, so one of these days I'll be a little Cookie (A) clone.

I like the Smooshy because it feels so Cushy. I'm a poet!

I can't get past the No Mockery of Love title. It seems so out of character. Oh, okay. It makes perfect sense reading the rest of the post. Cute socks. Sweet of you and Sandy.

What's not to love?! Well, for sure you aren't not not to love! It's only sock yarn! Ahahahahahaha. Cracked me right up. I have a list of these things, we could probably gab forever.

I've never seen any DIC yarn in real life but I've sure lusted after it. I love the way the colors just sort of move instead of making big stripes or whatever. I can't figure out how they do that.

It's only yarn. All of it is only yarn. I like some, I dislike some, but I do not lust over it, and I would not stand in line like an eejit to fight someone over it. But it was a nice gift from our Sandy, and a nice gift for you to knit the socks.

OK, that's enough of a lovefest for me today. I'm tired. Heh-heh-heh-heh.

Damn! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like heel flaps are too much work! I am all about toe up socks - less brain power, no picking up heel flap stitches, no splitting up the blah blah blah. K2tog and SSK work just fine for me!

Great socks! Saw 'em yesterday at Sandy's blog.

I haven't knit with the Smooshy yarn yet but it sure is nice to squeeze in the skein. :D

Dude, it just clicked that Sandy is the Sandy I see at Rhinebeck. I'm a dork. Your socks are cute and blue. The end.

Those are cute socks, and the colors are lovely. It shows off the pattern so nicely.

STFU! If you do not worship the yarn, it gets taken from you by yarn pirates. And then the yarn *ninjas* dispatch you for talking meeeen about the Dream In Color yarn. Seriously!

Beautiful job. I don't get the smooshy craze either. Nice yarn, but definitely not the greatest thing ever.

Those are some beautiful socks. :o)

I hate being dumb!!! What is CCRS? If 38 is too old for heel flaps - then please enlighten me 'cause Im now 53!!! Don't know how it happened!Thanks!

They are truly fabulous!

I love the socks. I go nutty over sock yarn because life is just that empty. I just had an emotional burp. Hehe.

Great socks!

Very nice socks! Is the yarn smooshier then other yarn?

I am feeling the sock love again - I think I need to make a pair of those!

Nice socks! But then you ARE the Sock Queen.

I loved making my monkey socks so much, I started another pair toe up with CCSR too. :D It's an easy pattern to memorize. Beautiful color and I'm with you on the yarn. I have some of that woolmeise stuff which was part of a sock club and it doens't impress me much. I'm thinking of selling it I'm so unimpressed. xoxo

Nice socks.I am not too crazy about the Smooshy yarn.Maybe it was the color I got.I didn't think it was all that smooshy either.

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