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Saturday, October 25, 2008


From my cube in subterranean NYC I'd say that's a lovely sky. It's more than I would get down here in the windowless cave otherwise. So thanks! :)

You are so right. One does not refuse the Margene. She is that persuasive and darned near always right, too. Your "boring" sky is beautiful. I wish I could bake, but I still don't have a working oven. We are currently putting in a ramp, so the stove has to wait. See? My life is even more exciting than yours;--)

You're my kind of exciting. Looking forward to seeing the curly sock. xoxo

The sky looks good from here, very similar to the one here in Dallas (for a wedding). I have some good soup recipes... what do you like?

Sounds like my kind of weekend. And who doesn't want a little kinky in their life? :-D

Your sky is bluer than ours which is quite hazy. No blue sky is boring. Do you think you should unravel the whole blank and then give it a bath first? Kinky yarn is kinda icky.

I wonder why that company says not to ball up the yarn or skein it and wash it. I don't love knitting with frogged yarn.
Nice sky! Ours looked similar. I went to two teensy fiber festivals today and bought pretty things.

I hope you're putting ALL of the recommended apples in those apple cakes!

I recently read another blogger's dismay with the kinky yarn from a yarn blank. She was still mid-sock though.

Your sky still looks pretty nice to me. Soup and apple crisp sound perfect.

So...socks done yet?


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