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Friday, October 31, 2008


Your holiday season is just starting? I saw Christmas stuff here before I left for CA... TWO weeks ago.

Happy Halloween! xoxo

I stand in awe at your awesomeness in replacing the faucet yourself. Zounds. There may be hope for the world yet ;-)

If you keep with the cranky love, it may stop me from really stepping in it in the horribly unfortunate manner that is me.

I had hoped it would just be charcoal bits.

Yay, Cookie for fixing things!

Kudos to you for replacing your own faucet! You go girl!

My husband just told me that most plumbers these days don't know how to do repair work, they only know how to put in new stuff. Fortunately, he did a LOT of plumbing repair work, so I'm all set. And I don't even have to pay him $500.

due to the loud and obnoxious leaf blowers right outside my window, i have nothing relevant to say. i hates people.

My plumber's name is Jim and I loves him. He came last week and installed a new toilet for us. He charged me $35 and a beer. And he's voting for Obama, too. :-)

I haven't joined the mall crowd in years and it keeps me from being cranky over the next three months. It's usually weather related crankiness on my end. Husbands are good for something...changing faucets and smoke detectors. Of course, doing it yourself is even better.

Yay for changing the faucet - good for you! I changed the flange in my toilet tank once. I didn't even know my toilet had a flange. And what kind of ridiculous name is "flange".

Happy Halloween!

I plan on hibernating til at least February. that way I can avoid all that crap right?

Hibernation starts for me too right now. I get nuts from now until January so better I just stay in and knit! Even now I have a neighborhood full of flashing pumpkin lights and big blow up things. Ack.

No, it can't be the start of the holiday season - I just don't want to deal with any of it this year! Congrats on taking care of the plumping yourself - I'm in awe! Have a great weekend!


I was so proud the first time I fixed the toilet. I felt like a competent person. At least that way I didn't have to pay someone to tell me to replace a perfectly good piece of porcelain.

Go Cookie! Got to love a woman who does her own plumbing!


Hurray for faucet replacement! DH usually says a few four-legged words during the process. :D

The holidays really don't start for me until Turkey day, probably because I'm not responsible for cooking that day. :D

Um, why don't you belong here? We have the most cranky people-haters per capita. You should be our queen.
I'd totally run away now but I can only manage a slow, rolling waddle.
Remember that plumbers are plumbers because they can handle playing with other people's shit all day, not cuz they're necessarily smart.
Now, iffin you'll scuse me, it's about 12 second til dark and I need to go hack up some perfectly innocent gourds for the amusement of the children who are about to come begging at my door for candy I had to buy 'specially for them. Bite me, Hersheys.

The whole Halloween candy thing went off without a hitch. It's the Mr.'s specialty. But the plumbing stuff has always been my thing, I either fix it or arrange to have it fixed.
I'm so relieved about the water pitcher.

Margene's husband changes faucets? Lucky.

Mine has 10 thumbs. Not opposable.

Because, m'dear, you're a woman and we are stupid. Sheesh, haven't I taught you anything? BTW, you do make me proud. Isn't it cool to do that stuff yourself. I almost always have a beige badge of courage (bandaid) to show for my efforts.

Love the fact that you changed the faucet yourself, I had a good giggle about treating yourself to a good lunch.

Would you believe that Joe the Plumber's fame has spread even here to South Africa...

He actually said he had to replace the sink? How stupid is that, really? Good for you - mostly for not punching him in the face for such a ridiculous proposal. (Of course, that might have shaken something loose and cause some good, but then you couldn't just be cranky, you'd have to be a "helpful" person while you sat in jail. Good call.)

And don't be cranky about consumerism. Have pity instead. Be cranky because other things, like how happy we are that gas is ONLY $2.49 a gallon instead of $4.

You rock, Cookie.

My husband is from the same species as Norma's husband, but luckily we have an awesome plumber who actually tries to save us money. And a couple of friends with handy skills when we're feeling like paying in beer.


The holidays make me cranky. Period. I just try and ignore them as much as possible. Does that make me a scrooge? I can live with it if it does. Everyone else will be stressed out and running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and I'll be standing there with a smile on my face. Ha!

I don't do the mall thing since I worked in one *cough*cough* years ago. Holidays are vastly overrated. Some day I'm going to be able to sit in my house all alone and knit on Christmas day without anyone bothering me.

Thanks for the link to the KMKat post. Love it.

Good for you! I woulda been appalled at the suggestion of replacing it all. For a leaky damn faucet? Idiot.

Everyone's getting cranked socks this year. ;op

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